The African Sun Times has announced that its subsidiary, Global Africa Media Group, will be publishing the GLOBAL AFRICAN DIASPORA BUSINESS DIRECTORY to commemorate with Africa month celebrations in May, 2013.

The need for the business directory is because the Global African Diaspora has been losing in the surging African economies, which are described as the fastest in the developing world, because when Africa looks for who to do business with, the African Diaspora is nowhere to be found.  Today, there are 1.1 billion people living in Africa, and the middle class is exploding by leaps and bounds.  Africa generated almost $2 trillion in revenues in 2011.  While the Global African Diaspora has been fearful of engaging in Africa, others including the continent's former colonial masters, the Asians, especially the Chinese and others, have seized the opportunity and are providing the services, products, and infrastructure development that Africa needs.  By the time that Global African Diaspora wakes up to the reality of an Africa re-colonized economically, it would be too late.  
It is okay for us to be engaged in advocating Pan-Africanism, especially a United States of Africa, but it is an entirely different thing for us to also confrontationally compete in the economic opportunities that Africa offers the Global African Diaspora to profit just like others are doing.
Here in in the United States, African Diaspora Missions to the United Nations, Embassies in Washington, DC., Consulates-General and Consular offices across the country, spent approximately $800 million or more in 2011.  There are 54 African and 16 Caribbean countries with Missions and Embassies in the U.S.  These Missions, Embassies and Consulates have pay rolls, buy services and products from the American market.  They use all kinds of services and buy all kinds of products: real estate, construction of diplomatic offices; houses for their diplomatic members of their staff; shipping services; furnishings of homes (all kinds of appliances); car purchases; all kinds of services, including consultancy, publishing services, legal representation, limousine services, travel services, security services, car repair services, etc.

Unfortunately, of the $800 million that these Missions, Embassies and Consulates spent, less than $50 million came into the Global African Diaspora community.  Why? Because when these Missions, Embassies and Consulates look for who to provide their needs, they don't have a ready reference source for companies providing such services or products.

The GLOBAL AFRICAN DIASPORA BUSINESS DIRECTORY is the engine that will drive the change in how African Diaspora communities do business with our Africa, African businesses and African governments.  The Global African Diaspora Summit in May, 2012 in South Africa, organized by the African Union and hosted by South Africa, resulted in the African Union advancing five Legacy Projects that the African Diaspora and the continent should embark upon.  Everyone is urged to contribute to achieving these projects.

Enter the GLOBAL AFRICAN DIASPORA BUSINESS DIRECTORY, which is a resource-rich compendium that will allow your businesses or organizations to be a major player in the race to take our continent back from economic slavery.  African businesses, government institutions, continental organizations will be featured in the directory.

For more information, please call:

Chika Onyeani/
Loretta Hand-Onyeani
Global Africa Media Group
Consultants/Public Relations
Tel: 917-279-4038/973-675-9919
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