By Rudwaan AmenRa Lumumba


Now Yurugu is telling the story from his perspective of the RISE OF THE AFRICAN ON THIS PLANET, his schizophrenia demands that he calls us APES

There are several important messages conveyed in this movie, first we must understand that the role of Hollywood and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) has never been to entertain us Africans and other highly melanated people, we were never intended to participate in this medium, any role that required portrayal of us was given to a Caucasian who would paint their faces black, thus the 'black face' era.
What then was and is the real intention of 'The Movies'? they are intended to inform the European Collective Consciousness about how to view themselves and the world around them, it bolstered their sense of superiority, it informed them that black was evil and white was good, the hero versus the villain was always casted under the dark for villain and light for hero. While the Elite Euro or Yurugu (Rockefeller, Carnegie, Rothschild) looted the world they created this dynamic to keep the 99% European looking the other way, feeling good about being better than blacks, 'white flight' 'segregation', all of these phenoms were cooked up in Hollywood as movies and fed to the Euro-collective consciousness 


Now let's peel back the onion a bit more, we know the Elite Euros known as Yurugu is casting the African as the apes, the story line is the same, it's like a page out of our story; these apes were kidnapped by other dark-skinned beings out of Africa, shipped in cages to be used as subjects for the dominant corporations, we saw the civil rights era where the ape was confronted with a dog, and was water-hosed when he demanded to be treated like a human', we saw the current state of the African engaged in black on black crime, languishing in environments such as zoos which were coded ghettos and hoods, and the apparent dis-unity amongst the Africans which is our weakness was demonstrated.

What we also saw was the impending dementia currently approaching the Euro-being, they will forget what they have learnt thru stolen legacies, their current political culture is coming apart at the seams, their financial systems are crashing, their youth are emulating black youths as Hip Hop captures their imaginations, the Euro youth does not want to rule the world, they just want to party and bull-shit and party and bull-shit while sagging their pants piercing their bodies and literally painting themselves black, this coming generation of Euro-youths are forgetting what the former generations have fought so hard to embed in their DNA, that this is their world and everyone was meant to serve them, THAT LIE IS BEING FORGOTTEN, hence the Alzheimer's disease that the character Lithgow (one of the oldest family names known to the Euro, this name is literally a marker as one of their beginnings) is suffering from, and has a great fear of, the kidnapping of the great apes is for the purpose of using them as guinea pigs on the surface, but beneath the surface it is their genetic material that is the new GOLD-RUSH.
In the movie you see this state of not-knowing as being their actual state as depicted in the character Rodney (that name means 'born on the way' ) their way is not our way, without learnings or mimicry the Euro languishes in the state they were born in, one that seems like uselessness, they learn to feel superior, and now that which they have learnt is being forgotten, they fear returning to their original state. You saw how the genetic material called 112 caused Rodman's father Lithgow to temporarily remember what he had learnt, like how to hold a knife and fork, how to play the piano, how to drive a car, these are learnings not knowledge, so the material did not give him access to knowledge it merely brought what he had learned back into focus. But this would not last, soon he would begin to forget again as his inherent nature called the 'dis-ease' by them began to come back in a vengeance , AND THIS IS THE GREATEST FEAR facing the Yurugu, THE RISE OF THEIR NATURAL STATE OF BEING, THE RISE OF THE REAL MEANING OF WHITE (VOID, LACKING IN COLOR, EMPTY), WHITE IS MEANT TO BE IN SERVICE TO ALL OTHER COLORED/MELANATED BEINGS. Consider that any color added to white is that color, portion for portion white does not alter the pathway of any color, but white is replaced when that color is added to it.
Yurugu also used this movie to inform their collective that the only way to remain on top in their present state of PSEUDO-SUPERIORITY is to not just ingest the genetic material found in the pineal glands from the black male and the stem cells from the black woman but that they must use parts of our bodies to transport this material into their system, you saw this in the development of 113, these numbers are significant, the ingested material kills them but does not harm us therefore what do you think the math is on the transport system they will need?, they are looking to develop transport systems that may include the grafting of our body parts unto theirs, literally ingesting parts of our bodies like beef, this was a one liner in the movie, AND THIS IS WHAT THEY WANTED YOU TO MISS, because you would be so consumed with being called an ape, you probably won't even go see the movie or if you do you would be stuck on the entertainment part of the movie, and make no mistake it has a high entertainment index, probably one of the highest in movie rankings to date, hmm, why is that?
In revealing their problem they also had to reveal our solution, how else would their collective know what to continue to prevent us from accomplishing? This solution is shown when the ape Cesar is locked down behind bars, he shares his enlightenment with the other apes, he re-establishes rituals of respect for the elders by freeing 'BUCK' (they threw you off with that name which took you right back to the plantation), but 'BUCK' represents our system of ELDER-SHIP that even with the most hard-headed amongst us certain ways are in our DNA, it also tells us that to right ourselves, to re-member our ways we must BUCK the system, that's why BUCK was in solitary confinement much like Mumia, Mutulu, and other incarcerated political prisoners.
There was great significance in the fog created when the ape Cesar rolled the perforated cans down the cell-blocks while the other prisoners were sleeping, this fog has two meanings, first it represents air or the wind or the air-waves and the whirl-wind, our mass re-membrance will come by our effective use of the air-waves so our own media is key, the whirl-wind is that revolutionary force that Garvey spoke of, but instead of looking for Garvey in the Whirl-wind, each of us must become the whirl-wind. The second significance portrays the truth of our reality, we are in a fog of ignorance and impotence, and the lifting of that fog is what the whirl-wind will accomplish, we don't need to ingest any genetic material because you cannot forget what you know, only what you have learnt, lifting the fog and waking with the new day reveals the knowledge and greatness that has always been there, the apes did not acquire new skills, they simply re-membered what was already within them, what they ingested was the instructions on how to meditate, how to go within and travel towards the God-self, they remembered how to become the gods that they already were.
But the highlight was the parable of the sticks, as Cesar broke one stick to show that apes alone (functioning in a state of dis-unity) are weak like this one stick, then he held a bundle of sticks and demonstrated how difficult it was to break them, this is THE STATE OF FUNCTIONAL UNITY see as he transformed the prison from a place where souls languished and spiraled into the abyss of ignorance, see as they now begin to use their time wisely, as they gathered and re-enforced each other, as the way to be apes came back to them, see the fear in the warden's eyes when he saw them gathering not wrecking their neighborhoods, not preying on each other, not making senseless noise, but moving as one, hear the Yurugu Elite as they yell GERONIMO. 

Rudwaan 8.17.11 (99)


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Rudwaan AmenRa Lumumba

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