Analysis of Final Chicago TV Mayoral Debate

In all of Chicago media, mostly all major political reporting concluding with The ABC7 Chicago final major TV debate of The Chicago Mayoral election, there have been a consistent pattern of avoiding of questioning and sharing of facts that have avoided the kind of symbolism that could stimulate a historic voter turnout during this month of February, Black History Month. The only exception of this I have found are WGN-TV and The Chicago Defender that have specifically made focus on the fact of Black History Month and the date of February 22nd as historical significance.


* This is the first Chicago Mayor to be elected since the election of Harold Washington

* The election is being on held on the exact same date that Harold Washington won the historic 1983 Chicago Mayoral Democratic Primary

* Chicago has a majority Black population and will they seek to make Black political history again with Carol Moseley Braun, being elected during Black History Month and on the exact same date as Washington

* With women as the majority of Chicago registered voters, would women consider making political history again by electing Braun as the first woman Mayor since Jane Byrne, and does the endorsement of Braun by NOW a signal of that kind of mobilization




This historic election is full of symbolism in that we cannot escape the pictures and sounds of Rahm Emanuel with President Obama as if now all those ads on Black oriented media outlets with the impression that Black voters are doing the historic Black President a favor by electing Rahm Emanuel; then you have Gery Chico flooding Black oriented media with the voice of Harold Washington's former pastor B. Herbert Martin; but with the importance of the Black vote and with over 600,000 registered Black voters and over 40% of the Chicago population, the Chicago media and political pundits could clearly raise these questions during this Black History Month election on February 22nd, but its clear that they havent yet because they do not want to stimulate this Black voter base to make Black Poltical history again with Harold and Carol being elected on the samd February 22nd date.

During this upcoming Black History Month election and Carol Moseley Braun is already an existing part of women and Black political history that the mainstream media and political pundits feels that they may be enough for Braun for they certainly are not raising the scenariois in their political analysis that would possibly stimilate a new poltical historic moment that Chicago has done once with Braun and could do it again with Braun especially with a historic Black voter turnout for Carol, like Harold on the exact same date of February 22nd.

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  • West
    I agree with Mr. Blessman but add I am a Euro-American female, for whatever it's worth?
  • Chicago-Midwest
    It is a conversation that is being avoided. No one outside of a small segment of the Black community wants to talk about the proverbial elephant in the room. Women especially have been disenfranchised in this city. Women receive less than 10% of city contracts yet are the largest voting block in the city.
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