An Adventurous Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo

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About 135 km from the equator lays a country made up of 63 islands popularly known as Singapore. As the country lies near the equator the climate here is tropical enriching it with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Due to the favorable tropical climate this particular country is host to one of the largest zoos in the world that is filed with a diverse range of flora and fauna. However this is just one aspect of this wonderful island country. The country over the years has kept in tune with the ever changing world by updating itself in the field of technology and urbanization too. The country offers a traveler the joys of exploring tropical forests brimming with wild life and a concrete jungle of skyscrapers, flashy lights, and technology.

Explore both intriguing and sophisticated aspects of this wonderful island country with Singapore Tour Packagewhich gives you the best of what the place has to offer. There are a lot of places here which will enthrall and captivate you with its natural and manmade beauty.

The country with its immense botanical gardens that house a colossal number of flowers that blossom with bright colours and pleasing fragrances is a place to be visited. The botanical gardens are so beautiful that it conjures up thoughts of the paradise called Eden where man first lived. The temples and monasteries here have an aura of peace which will enchant you and take you into a state of bliss. The architecture of the buildings here are marvelous and awe inspiring be it of commercial centers or religious and historic buildings. The world’s largest observation wheel is one of the major attractions here. The view from this observation tower is truly panoramic and beautiful. However the best attraction here would be the night safari hosted by the Singapore zoo.

Singapore night safari

The Singapore zoo is one of a kind as it has all its animals, reptiles, birds and fishes in their own large habitats instead of small enclosures. The diversity of species found here is really to be marveled upon. This zoo also hosts a safari at the night, so when in Singapore Night Safariis a must do and see. The complete experience of night safari would include.

Creatures of the night show- at this show the animals that usually would not be seen at the normal day zoos are displayed. During this show volunteers are picked from the audience to interact with the animal which lets you see the animal up-close and personal.

The night safari tram- ride the tram across the park with a guide onboard filling you with information about the animals you see as you pass them by. A tram station is situated almost halfway of the park from where one can get off the tram and walk to see the upper side of the park.

Singapore underwater world

Walking trails- once you get off the tram you can take any of the four walking trails that are here. The four walking trails consist of the Leopard trail, Fishing Cat trail, Forest.

All in all this particular night safari is the thing to do when in Singapore as such unique experiences may not be found in other parts of the world. The night safari that the zoo hosts is truly a jewel of Singapore tourism.

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