Alternatives to a Unipolar World

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                    Junious Ricardo Stanton

                    Alternatives To A Unipolar World



            “The five heads of state of BRICS on Wednesday held talks with leaders from Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and other South American nations at the Itamaraty Palace in Brasilia as part of a BRICS outreach strategy. UNASUR and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) leaders were invited to attend the 6th BRICS Summit in Brazil. The African Union had participated in the Durban Summit last year. Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said the BRICS-Unasur (Union of South American Nations) meet would highlight the “many shared interests” of these countries. Argentina had earlier expressed interest in joining the powerful bloc, although BRICS have ruled out expansion of the group for now.” BRICS, South American Nations Discuss Shared Interests http://thebricspost.com/brics-south-american-nations-discuss-shared-interests/#.U8ldWdGwXSc


            Prior to George W Bu$h being given the presidency by the US Supreme Court in 2000 a group of die hard imperialist fascists and warmongers authored a document entitled Rebuilding America’s Defenses Project for A New American Century. In it they outlined their plans to make the United States the new Rome by making sure no nations or groups of nations emerge to challenge US hegemony. In it they blatantly call for increased military spending even thought at the time they even admitted the US was unchallenged in its military power around the world. “Preserving the desirable strategic situation in which the United States now finds itself requires a globally preeminent military capability both today and in the future. But years of cuts in defense spending have eroded the American military’s combat readiness, and put in jeopardy the Pentagon’s plans for maintaining military superiority in the years ahead. Increasingly, the U.S. military has found itself undermanned, inadequately equipped and trained, straining to handle contingency operations, and ill-prepared to adapt itself to the revolution in military affairs. Without a well-conceived defense policy and an appropriate increase in defense spending, the United States has been letting its ability to take full advantage of the remarkable strategic opportunity at hand slip away. With this in mind, we began a project in the spring of 1998 to examine the country’s defense plans and resource requirements. We started from the premise that U.S. military capabilities should be sufficient to support an American grand strategy committed to building upon this unprecedented opportunity. We did not accept pre-ordained constraints that followed from assumptions about what the country might or might not be willing to expend on its defenses.” Rebuilding America’s Defenses: Strategy Forces and Resources for a New Century- Project for A New American Century

            From this thinking grew the need to find or create a new enemy or enemies to justify the planned spike in defense spending for the enrichment of the Military Industrial Complex. Not coincidentally George W. Bu$h was put in the White House by Supreme Court judges picked mostly by his father. On September 11, 2001 the US had a tailor made excuse to wage war on the world and establish its’ Pax Americana. I won’t go into the absurdity not to mention the impossibility of a dying man living in a cave in Afghanistan planning and pulling off 9-11, but you get my drift.

            From that day forth the US has waged relentless war around the globe in: Afghanistan (the Taliban had nothing to do with 9-11) Iraq (there were no WMDs in Iraq) Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and Libya. The US CIA, British MI6, Israeli Mossad, Saudi and Pakistani “intelligence” agencies created the Mujehadeen in the 1980’s to fight the Russians in Afghanistan and they refunded and reorganized them to create “al-Qeada” the global bogyman the corporate media keep waving at us to make us afraid so we acquiesce to their owners’ imperialist agenda. In addition to “al-Qaeda” they funded the  recent “Arab Spring” to prompt regime change to create what they call “an arc of instability” from North Africa to Eurasia. The US and NATO reneged on a promise to Russia not to encroach on its sphere of influence in Eastern Europe. The US sponsored crisis in South Ossetia during the Bu$h II era and the current Ukraine fiasco are just two examples. The US is demonizing Putin when the US are the ones behind the coup in Ukraine.

           It remains to be seen how the recent shoot down of the Malaysian jetliner will be spun by the US, will they blame Russia or the pro-Russian dissidents in Ukraine? In all likelihood it was the Kiev government that actually did it. Will this be the equivalent of the of assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand one hundred years ago that started WWI?

            It could because the rest of the world is having a Popeye moment, “that’s alls I can stands and I can’t stands no more” and they are coming together to form an active resistance to the US’ megalomaniacal unipolar hegemony.  When you scratch the surface you’ll discover its all about control of land, resources and currency supremacy; whether it’s the opium, minerals and pipelines in Afghanistan, the oil in Iraq and Libya, the uranium in Mali or other precious minerals in Africa or making sure the US dollar remains the world reserve currency. This is the real deal not the noble sounding propaganda about “peace and stability” or the old standby of “national interests” that usually justifies US aggression and war. Drugs, oil, geo-strategic and economic supremacy are the real reasons the US is at war all around the world today.

            But in the last few years the world has begun to stand up to the US bullying and the Bank of International Settlements loan sharking operations. The BRICS (Brazil,   Russia, India, China and South Africa) have formed a trading block that will trade using a basket of currencies not the US dollar and now they are starting a bank which will undermine the influence of the IMF and World Bank two appendages of  the Bank of International Settlements. The world is tired of the US and its NATO EU allies bullying them.

            World War Four (WW III was all the proxy wars after WWII from Korea up to present) is in the making. The US is not going to stand idly by as it slips into has been status even though its own policies are the cause of its demise. The US  is about to make a serious mistake but one the ruling elites have obviously given the green light. The US and EU are pushing economic sanctions on Russia and the US is instigating the dispute between China and Japan over which one controls the China Sea islands. Both Russia and China are boosting their military and arms manufacturing and they have come together to sign a humongous oil and gas deal using their own currencies and not US dollars in the deal! None of this bodes well for the US pipe dream of “full spectrum domination” on any level; economic or military. While the US has the world’s largest military and WMDs it’s history is picking on and often losing to third world countries like Vietnam and Afghanistan.

            The shooting war between the US and Russia or China has not started yet, the current war is in the economic arena. As we speak the BRICS nations are meeting in Brazil with South American nations to talk about expanding the BRICS  sphere of economic influence. The BRICS  also plan to reach out to the Caribbean block. “GEORGETOWN, Guyana -- Guyana and Suriname are keen to cultivate stronger ties with Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) countries, especially that the group is set to launch the New Development Bank (NDB) as an alternative to the World Bank and the IMF. President Desi Bouterse of Suriname and Guyana’s President Donald Ramotar will attend a special meeting of BRICS and South American leaders in Brazil on July 16 at the invitation of host President Dilma Rousseff of Brazil. The Guyanese president told the Guyana Times on Thursday that “it is important for Guyana to be there as part of the UNASUR and to broaden relations”, noting that the BRICS Bank to be launched will be of pivotal importance to Guyana, since it will be another developmental alternative to the US/Europe-dominated World Bank and IMF.” http://www.caribbeannewsnow.com/headline-Guyana,-Suriname-seeks-stronger-BRICS-ties%3B-presidents-to-attend-special-meeting-21966.html  Putin and the Chinese are counting on whole regions like Latin America and the Caribbean joining them as they offer a counterweight to the BIS/World Bank/IMF global hegemony plan.

            With the machinations in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia, it appears the US and its EU lapdogs have painted themselves into a corner. The question is will they shrivel up and die, back down with a whimper or come out fighting for their economic lives?

            Here’s something you should know, the megalomaniacal psychopaths who run this world’s system also call for massive global depopulation of several billion humans (see http://pdf.usaid.gov/pdf_docs/PCAAB500.pdf ).  So even if worst comes to worst and a shooting (or nuclear) war starts, they will get what they want; wholesale death and destruction and setting back their prime rivals. So it seems like the choices facing humanity are: a psychopathic New World (unipolar) Order, dueling banking/currency wars between the BIS/US/NATO/EU/ Israel vs BRICS and their allies or a potentially devastating global conflict the type the world has never seen before. Only time will tell what the future holds.






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