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after a careful and critical analysis of afrikan people in the united snakes of amerikkka, i have come to the conclusion that there are at least four types:

1) afrikans

the afrikans are the one who know what it means to be afrikan. they are the ones who love being afrikan from head to toe. they love everything about themselves, especially the ones who have the dark skin, wide noses and full lips. they are the ones who are happy to be nappy and have ridden themselves of all the mental anti-afrikan images that are part and parcel of the psychological warfare that has been practiced against afrikans. therefore, the afrikans could care less about what non-afrikans think about them in terms of their physical makeup. they are so proud to be afrikans that they not only make it known and show it, they also make it known that afrikans were the first people on the planet and gave birth to every physical feature that can be found all across the globe.

and because afrikans love being afrikans and are proud of their afrikan culture and history, they would kill for the very afrikans that they are. they understand that there is a constant and on purpose attack on afrikan people. the afrikans understand that afrikan people are still slaves to the euro-amerikkkan system of oppression which has many faces. they understand that in order for afrikan people to be genuinely free, afrikan people are going to have to be willing to shed blood for such.

the afrikans are the ones who are not afraid to call the white man the devil out in the open. they are one who will chant die cracka die as a war cry. they are the ones who will chant death to the p.i.g.s. everytime one of the p.i.g.s. execute an innocent brotha or sistar. the afrikans are the ones who are the most politically educated. they know that afrikan people don't have any concept of how politics really works, as it relates to afrikan people, whether in the united snakes or elsewhere. they understand that the educational system of the united snakes is in fact a mis-educational system as it relates to afrikan people.

the afrikans know that what is good for whitey is bad for them. they know that capitalism is not only a predatory, exploitative and manipulative machine, but that it also demoralizes afrikan people to the very core of their existence. this means that black capitalism is just as dangerous as white capitalism, that the black capitalist is no more than a white capitalist in black face. thus, afrikan people will have jumped from one economic slave master to one that looks just them. therefore, afrikans will fight capitalism with social collectivism.

2) blacks

the blacks are the ones who will don afrikan apparel during black history month or some other occasion where there might be some event that purports to be afrikan-inspired. other than that, they almost never wear afrikan garments, in favor of the eurocentric style of dress. some of blacks might even collect afrikan art to show their afrikan pride and even take a trip or two to afrika so they can at least say that they been to afrika. this puts them on the border of being or moving in the direction of becoming afrikan.

the blacks are the ones who disdain the white man in secret. they are the ones who will call the white man the devil only in private or under their breaths on the jobs that the afrikans refer to as wage-earning plantations. therefore, the blacks are the ones who play the game of glass-ceiling politics. they know that that's as far as they're willing to go or else face reprisal from the white oppressive and brutal power structure. another way of putting it is by stating the blacks are liberal and even radical, but steer clear of being revolutionary. that's when the blacks start making it clear that they have mouths to feed and that we should take it to the polls instead.

the blacks are the ones that will be critical of the negroes and the niggas, because the negroes are looked upon as sellouts while the niggas are looked upon as ghetto. it is in the area of the negroes being called sellouts that the blacks and the afrikans have something in common, because the afrikans have love for the ghetto, something which the blacks are ashamed of in public.

some of the blacks think that they can really have their cake and eat it too. in other words, the blacks think that they can be in bed with whitey, whom they call the devil amongst themselves and, at the same time, partake in his system of things. they are the ones who will say that they are lovers of a jesus, who preached against worldly pleasures and material desires such as lust for riches, but strive for the very things that their lord and savior said was the synagogue of satan. the blacks are the ones who will hoop and holler in the church about the evils of oppression, but refrain from taking it to the streets. and this is why the churches are the only things that tower above the rest of the ran-down properties in the occupied colonies where afrikan people are concentrated.

3) negroes

the negroes are the worst of the four groups, contrary to what is said about the niggas being niggas with nigga mentalities that revolve around crime and vice. the negroes are the total opposite of the afrikans. in fact, they are the arch enemies of the afrikans. they are the ones who love their masters more than they love themselves. they are the ones who disdain everything that's afrikan about them, so much so that they seek to annihilate anything afrikan about themselves. the negroes are so self-hating that they justify the white man's treatment of afrikan people. instead of blaming the perpetrator, they blame the victims for being victims. there is no more sicker afrikan than the negro.

the negroes are the ones who will sacrifice their afrikanity for access to material luxury. they are the ones who have so-called made it and will go out and get themselves white partners the minute they so-call make it big within the materialist world. it is the negroes whom the enemy throws up as a model black amerikkkan citizen, the ones whom young afrikans should model themselves after. it is the negroes whom the white man, every now and again, make into success or rags to riches stories in their various forms of media. they are the ones who will gate-keep afrikan people to help their masters maintain the status quo. thus, they are the greatest non-caucasian defenders of the white power structure. the afrikans will say death to all negroes.

4) niggas

the niggas are in the majority of afrikan people within the jurisdiction of the united snakes of amerikkka. they probably outnumber the other three groups combined. and since this is so, the niggas have the potential to be the most powerful destructive force, not only among afrikan people, but throughout the entire population of the united snakes. the central core of the niggas are the youth, who, the minute they become politicized correctly, are what j. edgar hoover referred to as those who could be made to be the catalyst in a revolutionary overthrow of the white power structure. therefore, it has always been the constant motive, on the part of the enemies of afrikan people, to control the niggas by any means necessary, to keep them niggas or at nigga status, less they become a threat to the national interest or even integrity of the united snakes of amerikkka.

the niggas are the ones who mostly display the results of five hundred years of oppression, by acting out in a variety of ways that are deemed criminal and immoral. they commit acts of unlawfulness, which are based on the same crimes that whitey broke to establish amerikkka before he turned around and said it was illegal to emulate. with the niggas the victory comes when they change from criminal mentalities to revolutionary mentalities. in other words, the niggas are an unorganized army, who practice unorganized violence inside an oppressive and repressive regime which disguises itself as a democracy. they are the ones with the guns but without a clear picture of who exactly the real enemy is.

now, the only thing that's left is to ask each and every afrikan-n-amerikkka which one are you?


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