African Christian Awakening

The christian message advancement in Africa has gone a really long way. The histroy of great africans who has sacrificed their lives for the Message of the Gospel has really been astonishing, but the Message is yet to penetrate the political landscape and provoke the much awaited political transformation expected in most African nations.We have seen a near constant revival in the christian ministry generally in many african nations but we have not seen a corresponding growth in social education, political education, and development in general. Our issue of political demagogue, corruption and negligence has really crippled many african economies and the future of the younger generations of africans is now threatened by cultured and indoctrinated ignorance that is being tolerated by the political class of africans.It's high time the christian establishment gets involved in social and political education in respective african nations. Most of the african nations are merely playing democracy, I have to mention that its the same story in most Asian and Latin American nations. The governing class sees the church as a public enemy who can get the people to start questioning the status quo. The non-interference policy of the United Nations has given de political elite of diferent nations the audacity to creating double standard societies. Where there is a political and legal treatment for bureacrats and another for the common citizens.The issue is straight. We need the church to maximize it's influence to help the people learn how to choose their leaders without any political afiliation, without political party colors. Civil and social education advances and strenghtens good governance, raises the public expectancy when it comes to accountability and creation of a better civilization for our people. One thing should be clear in this case. The western misionaries helped push forward the independence movement in africa an elsewhere. Most of our first generation african politicians were actually trained and educated in misionary establishments. The minds that rejected colonialism were actually mentored through misionery education. We need to follow the same pattern again this time to liberate us from political class elites who has hijacked our governments and has put legal checkpoints to dismantle every attempt to stop their savagry political maneuvering.African church leaders should consciously train african christian youth with a mision to deliver our nations from political hijackers and the only way to archive it is sending purpose driven young men into the political arena. With sound christian teaching and constant mentoring, they should be able to win elections and get into the law making structures of our governments, from where they can pursue godly agenda.The efforts made so far are generally appreciated but more has to be done in other to turn things around.

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