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African American Entrepreneur, Eleanor Anukam, Starts Luxurious Shoe Line for Women of Larger Sizes

Necessity led this entrepreneur from Eleanor Anukam to solve a problem endured by countless women around the world.

Eleanor Anukam knows something the fashion world has ignored for decades – not only do women come in all shapes and sizes, so do their feet! As a statuesque African American woman with size 11 feet, Anukam knows all too well the struggle some women face to find footwear that fits comfortably while also being stylish and luxurious.

“I’m designing for a fashion-forward lady with broadened global influences and a thirst to disrupt fashion,” says Anukam, putting her best foot forward for the legions of women with size 9-13 feet.

Her inspired foot fashions encompass everything from the basic leather flat to the sultry spiked pump, the ladylike ankle strap to the bejeweled heel. “Affordable high-end heels, flats and boots,” smiles Anukam of what her online store offers.

Ladies who have been blessed with larger feet in Canada and the US who are looking to up their shoe game can experience the Eleanor Anukam brand at Here, shoppers will find what they have been searching for, for many: high-end footwear whose classic style is trendy enough for any modern fad, yet enduring enough to wear year after year as fashions change. They will experience a clean and sleek shopping interface, an impressive return policy for those that inadvertently select the wrong size, and best of all, the ability to browse from a wide range of shoe styles and colors.

The company is less than a year old, but is garnering a lot of positive buzz. “Watch out for this! The CEO is super stylish! Shoes for tall ladies that aren't mediocre,” raves one customer on the company’s Facebook page. “Great quality from a great creator, superb customer service, much needed shoe closet items!!! #eleanoranukamfootwearisawesome,” raves another. To date, the company has been rated 5/5 by customers.

If your feet are sized 9 and up, don’t delay. Discover your fashion forward footwear at

For more details, visit

About Eleanor Anukam

Eleanor Anukam Footwear is a private label shoe brand born out of necessity and developed with passion by its CEO and designer, Eleanor Anukam. Launched in October 2015, the brand caters to women with shoe sizes 9-13. After years of searching for luxury footwear with no success, Eleanor Anukam, a size 11 herself, embarked on a journey to create a line of luxury women’s shoes to service an underserved population of women.

Contact Details:

Sharon Hughes, Marketing Director 
Houston, TX 76063



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