A group for Philadelphia parents who have found employment or are now seeking employment through a welfare-to-work program in Philadelphia and want additional information related to helping their kids in school and in the community. Welfare-to-work helps parents get jobs. The Philadelphia Parent Partner list helps parents support their children. Both are needed to insure success in the workplace and the community.There his a ton of parent groups, organizations in our city of Philadelphia PA and across the country. By being involved intimidatingly with the parents that are mandated to begin training programs for employment, or in some case forced into immediate vacancies, have little or no support for them and their children.As self directed adults, members of this site will agree that the dedication to a career or work life and juggling the needs of a single parent family is a class act. We all know the mental preparedness it took us to schedule our lives around family, personal needs and the needs of the employer or business market demands.Well the good news is that there is a group developed just for that purpose. To stand ready for the parent to lean on our shoulders as they retract the steps to self sufficiency, and the world of wage earner.The entire family must adjust to the new direction it is taking. Most members of the family must first understand and accept the new experience. The 21st century has seen the breakdown of the family conversations and communications norms. The fast pace lifestyle crosses all economic classes. But as from personal experience has shown this writer, it is a scary process, one that puts enough strain on the members that the unit could explode.examples are Johnny a teenager, distance himself from the family and joins a gang for companionship and understanding. Shirley starts to date older men, she is 14 years of age and is seeking a father figure in the wrong places. Joe, a toddler is acting out at school, fighting, spitting, and having terrible tantrums.The parent crossed between her new career of letting it go to return to public assistance to have the time to gather her broken family. The examples are endless and is happening in front my face, job retention numbers are down. Families are in crisis mode with parents angry at the world because he or she has put their best foot forward and the results seem disastrous.This where the support group begins to support the family in crisis. We have invited parents that are computer challenged but agree the online connection is one of the better way to stay in touch in a world that steals the few minutes of down time the parent is able to squeeze in.The other type of membership desired is the community, faith based and para professionals that could post a important number or organization that could assist the family.We want to have the parents share their success and disappointments. Their needs and the gifts that they could share with other parents.Our parents need low or no cost computers and low or no cost internet service. Many of our families have computers that need to be fixed or updated. Affordable housing, credit repair, drug and alcohol counsling for members of some of our families will help as well. many of our parents have the ability to own their own businesses with the right support and development.Join us today and we are determined to work it out!
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