This is poll that I believe that members of African Worldwide Community like The Black List and Brother Keidi Awadu's Living in Black would be able to not only answer the best but to help educate those of us who are caught into the web of the mainstream media polluted land.We are more than the white financed opinions of Bill Cosby, Juliane Malveaux , T.D. Jakes and Cornel West. We need to challenge them, not with disrespect but to open them up to the possibilities that Black Radicals and Revolutionaries need not scare off Blacks who happen to get all of their importance and financing by whites who fund the agenda of keeping blacks in America not focused on the global issues facing our people.We need to press all of those cliques of Negros about making a sort of peace with Africans who do not agree with them and do not see the problem with Africans (they would call Black Americans) as self-inflicted and wallowing in "don't be blaming World White Supremacy... cuz I get paid by them..."They love the same United States who have waged war and crimes on non-whites. Many more of Black people resists them. Let the sponsors of Essense know that Blacks who aren't consumers are here and making their voices heard.
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