The Grand Chessboard

In Zbigniew Brzezinski's The Grand Chessboard: American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives (1997), he outlines his case for how current American global supremacy should be used to further a long running elite plan for the unification of the world under the dictates of the United Nations.Among many other things, Brzezinski was an advisor to John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, and Jimmy Carter. He was also the first director of the Trilateral Commission and board member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Currently he is a top foreign policy advisor to the Barack Obama campaign for presidency.The first three articles in this series describe the use of American imperial power to bring about world government, the techniques used to bring about the fall of the American empire and the rise of the United Nations, and the purpose of supranational unions within that agenda. The final article examines a series of loosely linked topics that did not fit into the previous articles but are important topics in their own right and still should be addressed.The Grand Chessboard Part 1: America's Role as the First, Only, and Last Truly Global SuperpowerThe Grand Chessboard Part 2: Cultural Decay and Motivating EmpireThe Grand Chessboard Part 3: Supranational Unions As A Stepping StoneThe Grand Chessboard Part 4: Interdependence and the Luxury of WarOther LinksMichael Ruppert COPvCIAhttp://www.wanttoknow.info/brzezinskigrandchessboardRequired Reading for the Defenders and Lovers of the World Africa. Get it here at Amazon.com.
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  • We can't have any effective conversation by ignoring the "pink elephant" within the room. As a worldly people, we have to deal with the the true powers and influencers that effect global policies as well as affect African peoples adversely. Anyone who suggests that we as African people can correct the world problems that we face without understanding, analyzing, the very people who created the problem for us, isn't interested in addressing the problem.

    Opinions are one thing. Informed solutions are another. Building a coalition from the diversity within the African global diaspora to address what are we for AND what are we against is focal point of our liberation. Our people/nation/race at our greatest considered all information from all sources. That is the spirit from where we come from. We wish you, Kwasi, to reconsider your not having any interest in "they" as "they" are organized in many ways and count out our collect lack of interests in what "they" do.

    Zbigniew Brzezinski may very well be the person who is the main architect behind Barack Obama. The main stream press have slightly mentioned him on foreign policy. But if one has read his books as some of the sisters and brothers have, we see that it's a blueprint of the hell the world is in today.

    As we have known the many many agents of non-Black interests we have suffered from as well as the those who white supremacy have made pacts with and deputized to carry out it's goals... Barack, although well meaning, will enact the policies of white capitalism/globalism. If/when he gets elected and if the grassroots people in the streets/hoods/universities/elder harambee houses already understands who is the puppetmaster... then we won't be lulled into elation/euphoria/illusions by the historic achievement of America electing it's first President clearly of non-white dissent. Rome also had African heads of State... all of them were anti-African has much Rome before Africa.

    Our people can count on a few of us, through whatever critiques we get, to do the dirtiest work of being on the front lines and watching and reporting on the many things that affect us. As we deal with symptoms of self destruction, not knowing (some call ignorance), lost of culture (some call "I'm an American!! I ain't no African!"), misdirection ("stop blaming Whitey... if we focus on ourselves.. we'll be alright!!").... we realize and recognize that if all of our personal race issues weren't there... there would be all of the same issues.

    Also, having absolutely understanding how we have been infiltrated by intelligence organizations in the past, we also know that part of the solution will never ever recorded online for security sake. We'll someday meet and embrace as loving Africans and will answer many of those question that tie together the information to the strategy to the action plans. I would ask for you and all who read what we have to say to consider what is posted by us as battle ground analysis at ground zero America.

    We also know that by there are many different levels of participation online. Many of us read while others also post and yet others post and converse. There is so much information to share.. so much to teach and so much misinformation to address... we see we have easily spammed the BlackList Social Network. We know that many of us do not see value in addressing our issues by removing the cancer of global domination by a minority of european elite who have allied themselves among others, many Black people who accept subservience to this. Many who blame victims get turned off by it, seeking to culture alone and become self absorbed into personal issues that is a symptom of not addressing the ultimate cause of the world's problems. In fact, we know from FBI records that the state sees African cultural pursuits far less of a threat that they do African focus on global issues.

    Trust that we are transforming the conversation. We feel for a laser point focus to healing the world.
  • Let's transform our conversation. Let's have conversation about I, we, me and us. Let's not here waste our time validating and giving power to what "they" and "them". I have no interest in what they said or did. What matters to me is you. What do you say? What are you doing? What are your upto? And what can you, we, us and I be counted on for. This is what our conversation ought to be about. What we are listen to and what we say are the constituent engredient of the future we create for ourselves.

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