IntrodsuctionEight years ago while giving a lecture on "Changes, continuities and challenges of post-apartheid South Africa" I made a principled observation that no one individual or ethinc or political gorup can be given sole credit for "Freedom and Democracy" in South Africa of 1994, USA Indepdence of July 1776 nor 1964/1965 Civil Rights era victories. This meant that local, national,continental and global alignments and re-alignment of forces produce indivuduals, ethnic and political groups that post facto re-write the NARRATIVE of the struggles' origin, transformation and heroines and heroes. That after the fact has been accomplished those in power will decided who to give credit and debit for the noble cause in order to justify how to legitimize the peoples' betrayal and demonize the past that is antithetical to their game..This three weekly lecture event was presented at progressive Institute of Policy Studies, Washington DC wherein the Social Action and Leadership for Social Activists (SALSA) Program dircted at cultural conscientization, political education and ideological introdiction to alternative community organizing and social activism for economic justice and social peace in general. I was invited by a brother and longtime Pan-Africanist comrade who has shared with me organizing and working with Kwame Ture in the United States and Africa from the 1980's.I was largely addressing a non-African majority made up of college educated people including students from American University, Washigton, DC and a sprinkle of Africans from home and the Diaspora. As a product, exponent and organizing veteran of the Black Consciousness Movenet of Azania ( BCMA) since its informal inception around June 1968 and formal nationalist organizational structuralization in December 1972, I was a practioner educating the academic intellectuals. This was no a new audience to me but the timing was historic and timely as the AIDS/HIV pandemic was decimating our people in SouthAfrica with disgrace, given nuture of my native country's level of both industrial and technological development in the natural sciences in general and the health care system which produced the first successfull heart transpalnt in 1967, before the United States sent a man to land in the moon in 1969.I was fiteen years old when Professor Dr. Christian Barnard completed the historic meadical and health feat and a science and mathematics freshman scholar at the Themba Labantu (public) High School that was an all African adminstered and taught school under apartheid! Two years later in 1969 I passed my National Junior High School (JC) Certificate with distinction-that is an average of A+ (Supra Cum Laude) and was in the national Weekend World -South Africa's then Black national commercial and political paper of record in December 1969!1969 was the same year that, the South African Students Organization (SASO) the original flagship of the Black Consciousness Movement was founded with Bantu Steve Biko as its initial President and "first among equals of a collective leadership" within which no one could made an official public pronouncement with without the collective approval. This is what nurtured the intelligence and visionary leadership and articulation of Bantu Biko, in addition to his own family and communally nurtured gifts of compassionate leadership. He was not a saint but a brother and a comrade as huamn as everyone else, as we differ in personalities. I am saying or writing this as an introductory NARRATIVE that has been lost in neoliberal and neoconsarvative reactionary political anaysis and ideolgical agendas since 1984.That narrative of the organizational and structural ideological foundations of the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania has three sources:a) African indigenous cultural, moral, social tradtions and values of cummunality and modern legacies of Congress Youth League etc;b)The Black global revolutionary experience that challenged slavery, colnialism and led to the founding of first Black Nation-State Republic of Haiti and the maroons in Jamaica the revolts in the USA and the subsequent anti-colonial Black Power and Pan-Africanist global struggles that included the likes of George Padmore fighting USSR-Eurocentric hegemony of global socialist movement and this led to the 1944 Pan-Africanist Conference in attended by W.E.B. Du Bois,c) The Non-Alignment Movement and progressive forces in the capitalist and socialist forces in Asia, Arabia, Europe and the Americas that include Liberation Theology, Radical Feminism, Labor-left and other progressive ecumenical and atheist formations for global justice.The election of Bantu Biko in 1969 as SASO President was a revolutionary response by Black students in Azania to SNCC in America, Carlos Ortis and Tommy Smith's Black Power salute in Mexico's 1968 Olympic Games, the French students who through Civil Disobediencethrough rightwing French President out of office, affirmative response to political assassiantion of both Martin Luther King, jr and Robert Fritzgerald Kennedy in 1968 ( at least at ideological level) because we saw aprtheid as settler-colonial problem that was part of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and all those public institutions and private organizations including business corporation, cultural and sports organization that denied indigenous peoples of the east and west and Africa human rights and access to their land and resources!This was what SASO was and by extension Biko represented to those who are politically educated and ideological conscious of class analysis. At high school I learnt about Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus who found the sea way to east Indies and west Indies on behalf the European monarchy and the oligarchy of the merchant bankers and traders: hence later the Dutch East Indies Company founded a refreshment station at Cape of Good Hope on April 06, 1652 under Commander and Captain Johann van Riebeck. The rest is history.The same education that the apertheid regime thought was to make us corporate slaves, many of us flipped the script and became young and idealist "revolutionary" activist and organizers with the help of our parents, teachers, community and allies in Africa and Diaspora by 1972.That was the founding of the Black Peoples Convention (BPC) which was banned five years later in October 17, 1977 and we replaced it by the Azanian Peoples Organization (AZAPO) by 1978. In 1979 I fled to political exile and helped in the re-organization of the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania (BCMA) which became a fully fledged liberatory entity by 1983, in addition to the African National Congress (ANC) and the Pan-Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) in exile or underground. BCMA became external wing of AZAPO.Up to 1984, these were the forces that were driving the National Liberation Movement in South Africa supported and indigenous to the ecumenical women's and labor movements for economic justice and social peace in our coutry, the continent and Diaspora. In 1984 this core ideological fulcrum was de-conscructed and the National Land Question was liquidated into a neo-liberal "Freedom and Democracy" movement and the struggle was for politics of individual rights, one person one vote and the communitarina philosophy reconstructed.PAIDS= Politically acquired ideogical deficiancy syndrome in Africa and Diaspora.The political assassination of Bantu Steve Biko, Amical Cabral, Martin Luther King, jr, Malcolm X, Patrice Lumumba, Robert Kennedy, John Kennedy,Che Guevera, Walter Rodney Samora Machel, Chris Hani,etc were not political conspiracies in my opinion but a logical ideological "Kitchen Sink", to quote the Clinton presidential campaign on civil and human rights and African national liberation and other global alliances for economic justice and social justice in preparation for strategies like the invasion of Iraq forty years later!Whem Malcolm X asserted that " A mind is terrible thing" waste, the intelligentsia that serves the global oligarchy through private for profit and non-profit corporations jumped full speade to set foundations and think tank to plan in advance for 2008 election possibilities. Reactionaries are visionary also like progressives and revolutionaries but only dishonest to the people through their institutional educational and organizational propaganda camnpaigns. William Buckley is a typical reactionary conservative who build an intellectual foundation to transform Barry Goldwater politics into the Ronald Reagan campaigns of 1976 and 1980 that laid the foundation for the William Jefferson Clinton presidence and his wife Senatoraial and now Presidential campaigns. Hillary has promised to bomb Iran into extinction on behalf Israel.Between 1963 and 1983 a full generation community organizers and social activists faced corporate cultural assimilation to pay lip service to Civil Rights and Anti-Apartheid struggles and those who those who publicly and openly challenged reactionary forces in our communities and social allies were eliminated by forces of the state and marginalized by corporate power in the private sector careers and professions including colleges and ecumenical and other cultural and social institutions.The present case I can use sistah Cynthia McKinney as an expample with the Democratic Party thatis excited by Barack Obama's presidency. We have honest and noble people in the United States and Africa and globally as well who through the religious leadership, school teachers and college professors and community mentors that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and other similar parties in Africa need individuals to lead them to forge justice and peace oriented public policies. So having finished school and went through expensive college education you are tailor made to lead.So begining with Rev Jesse Jackson's tour of Africa in 1983 and his stop and speech at the University of Botswana, Gaborone, Botswana, Southern Africa a new paradigm began to emerge and the FREE SOUTH AFRICA MOVEMENT led by TransAfrica Forum's Paul Robeson emerged. At the same time the crisis within the Communiist Party of the Union of the Soviet Socialst Republics was beyond repair as state capitalism was successfully undermined by contracdictions and internal and external sabotage that included the non-ambiguoas role of reactionary religious leadership in alliance with US imperialism in central and eastern Europe.No principled philosophical, ideological and political discussion were held by the populist "Freedom" social activist and organizers why there was a crisis in the USSR, what is the role of the Rome-based Pope , the London-based Anglican Arch Bishop, the Evangelical Christians and other groups that became allies and sponsors of projects and personality cults in the 1980's Freedom Movement as we did in the 1970's, 1960's and our parents and grand parents did in the 1950's and 1940's about the World War II Civil War in Europe and its aftermath.What was the philosophical vision of this freedom to addressed to in economic terms? What was the ideological context of democratic politics and who are immidiate and medium beneficiaries of constitional human rights in a non-racial and non-sexist social milleu? That was happened in Hait, Ghana, Nigeria, the US, Nicaragua, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe etc when the real interests of the working class and poor after independence, freedom and Civil Rights victories.In the 1960's the likes Huey P. Newton, Bantu Steve Biko and Walter Rodney, among others were reading history to u7nderstand current institutional dishonesty and organizational betrayal that plagued African and other exploited and oppressed people since the beginning ofv the European Enlightenment and Renaissance! These bothers and sisters were comrades who were engaged in practical community and student organizing while learninbg from elder veterans and choosing books that are fact-based, irresoective who wrote them. Facts are facts, lies are likes, a black writer can lie as much if not worse than a white writer. Legends and myths are not neccessarily lies, if they have an honest cultural and moral value to infuse honest to activist towards the people and intelliegent confrontation to the enemy of the people.In fact a Pittsburgh, PA former Democratic County Coroner or Medical Examiner is under prosecution for frauding the county to benefit his private business. Professor Dr. Cyril Wecht is no angel, but he had the nerve to challenge Republican Party Senator Allen Specter's "one bullet theory" over JFK 1963 political assassination. On the 40th anniversary of JFK's death he organized an international symposium and made a public statement, that I agree with in ideological logics and not Wecht's own political agenda, that "the 1963 JFK assassination was a inside establishment coup that led political to the current invasion and occupation of Iraq". Its on DVD the whole week of facts and issues around 2003 synposium on JFK held at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh,PA.Intelligence for community organizer and student activists is a product of cultural conscientization, political education, ideological training and philosophical nurturing through literature, orature and practical work in the community to enhance intellectual waelth of the individual through collective empowerment of the whole. This means facing contradictions in one's self, own community and organization and helped overcome secondary ones and faced the permanent and primary ones that linked human beings to serve economic justice and social peace.But smart and clever political actvists, especially careerists and professionals will always focus on populist, secondary and non-antagonistic contradictions in the community and organization, because they do not want to yield their egos as they are not there toserve the whole but themslves as corporate slaves.We have expert in the corporate world who serve the working class well, within their instutional and structural limitations and they have done a great job from inside the system than most of us who are potryed as revolutionary organizers. Every revolutionary epoch or era has always had principled individuals and groups inside the peoples 'enemy camp at the same level the enemy has in the people's camp.But when actvists and organizers are inellectually well nourished culturally, philosophically, ideological and politically they became spirutually liberated from material greed and corporate slavery and like Biko and King and Rodney are not afraid of death because their liberation from material greed as filled them as they are at the mountain top, where only basic needs matter! Many living young and veteran community organizers and student actvists have already been to the mountain to-hence self-lessness and ego-lessness in their lives.When one has not reached the montain top likeMalcolm, Biko or King, they fall for anything coming under the guise of "Freedom and Democracy" at the expense of "NATIONAL LIBERATION". Biko and King were never hungry for personal recognition becuase they enjoyed the life of struggle for justice and knew they had to pay the personal price as Liberation is not FREE- you create it through the collective and not individual personal recognition!We liberate ourselves by learning from others' experiences as well as sharing our failures and victories of our daily collective and individual struggles through patience and focus and humility but also intelligent confrontations and retreats. We may five steps backward and make a ten step leap or vice cersa..

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