Being Free

I do not Want Freedom. I do not want it. Freedom is who I am. I am free. I do not want to be me. I am me. Freedom is the way I be - being free. Freedom is my being - a human-BEING-being-free. I do not want freedom. I am me being free, experiencing that there are barriers to my experience of freedom - and that I am the barriers - I have a choice to die free or to live wanting to be free and I choose what no one can give me - Wanting Freedom. Most of us who want freedom want it for ourselves – result: a Sisyphus quest - jousting with windmills. Some of us, like Mandela, declared being free. N0 jail could hold him. Sam Sharpe and Nat Turner declared that they would rather die that live not BEING Free - for Freedom is not about our actions, freedom is the being that give rise to our actions and our experience of being free. Freedom is a conversation - speak it, be it. I am free - right now. What now? There are barriers to me experiencing being free - barriers to my expression of freedom. Will I be restrained by them? Will I be free no matter what? Or will I just want to be free? Will freedom be my self-expression? Will freedom be my way of living? Will I be obsessed by being free? Will I be a Miles Davis of freedom? Driven Mozart-ly mad by freedom? Be Mohammed Ali? - I am Free! Or will I be stopped and wanting someone to cross me the hurdles. I am free and there are barriers to my experience of being free and I am the barriers. Now I am free no matter what. Freedom is an expression of who I am - me being free. Freedom: Declare it, Express it, Be it - no matter what, Experience Being Free. So now you know. What now? :KWASI Akyeampong
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  • NYMetro

    Freedom, equality and justice are cries from the past by people who did not have freedom, equality or justice. How do people feel today? It is I believe ok for one to feel free, but if the individual is the only free person then he or she fits the adage "one hand cannot clap. I know the potential of the individual, but it takes two to tango. Thus, if you are free can you as the individual free the rest of us? I do take into consideration give me liberty or death, but is liberty only to be taken in concept of the individual? What about the family be it nuclear or extended? What about the rest of mankind who was conceived into struggle, born into struggle, live into struggle and died into struggle? Is there struggle in eternity as well? When I talk of freedom the first question that came to mind is "How can I alone be free in a world where every one else is unfree? Do you see my point?

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