Mbodyment's Call to Action: The Fight Against Obesity

Mbodyment is calling to action the fight against obesity by launching the Mbodyment’s Action Against Obesity Foundation (MAAOF). As many know, America is one of the fattest countries on Earth and has plagued our society. Obesity is the leading cause of diseases such as Type II Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Disease, Liver Disease, Sleep Apnea, Osteoarthritis, Depression and many more. These disease are life threatening and will shorten a life span by ten to twenty years.

Support this operation in order that individuals may seek and find the will to live. Today, make a commitment by helping others reclaim their lives by making a donation to the Mbodyment’s Action Against Obesity Foundation (MAAOF). Donations will be applied to the launching of the MAAOF. Visit Mbodyment's Action Against Obesity Foundation to pledge your donation.
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