At The Age of (16) Sixteen - Shanta Jones Was Beaten, Coerced and Threatened Into A Guilty Plea Of Armed Robbery,Rape and Kidnapping. He Was Sentenced to 125 Years And Sent To Parchman Penitentiary.
Shanta K. Jones

by Shanta Jones

   Shanta Jones maintains his account of what happened on October 18th 1992, and his version includes the admission of robbery.  Jones however; adamantly deniesraping Susan Whitehead. 

Madison County Mississippi Indictment #1936 - The State of Mississippi vs. Shanta Jones and James Seaton - yields the offense of Kidnapping - Robbery - Use of Deadly Weapon - Rape and Grand Larceny.

The Robbery - In The State of Mississippi - Kmart Parking Lot - Beasley Road - Jackson, Mississippi

Susan Whitehead and her 12 year old daughter were robbed of (four dollars)  $4.00, taken to the ATM and forced to withdraw funds after which Jones admits James Seaton raped Susan Whitehead. The 12 year old was not raped and did not witness her mother being raped. Jones maintains that Seaton raped Whitehead. 
Susan Whitehead is a white woman. Shanta Jones and James Seaton are male Africans in America/Black.  Shanta Jones and James Seaton  were indicted under the same offenses but, Jones' account is that Seaton committed the rape. 

Jones was beaten, threatened and coerced into a guilty plea at the age of 16. After the plea he was shipped off to Parchman Plantation Penitentiary where he remained for 2 years of his 125 year sentence.  Jones has been in prison a total of 19 (nineteen) years.  

Of major concern is the fact that the questionable Dr. Steven Hayne was an Expert witness in this case. Please Note The Innocence's Project's request for revocation of Steven Hayne's medical license.Request to Revoke Dr. Steven Hayne's License

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