February is Black History Month, established in 1926 by Black historian Carter G. Woodson to celebrate the achievements of African Americans who look like me, my family, and to the beautiful melanated-being reading this. The month of February is dedicated to acknowledging their central role in U.S. history. Here are ten ways we all can celebrate Black History Month.


1. Follow Black Content Creators. If you're active on any social media platform, this is the perfect time to follow Black content creators. You can start with Black activists and historians associated with museums, libraries, and universities for credible historical references. Step out of your usual online experience and follow some new creators sharing their experiences and their stories. As you begin to follow new Black creators, most platform algorithms start suggesting similar creators - follow them too. 

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2. Look for Black History Collections on Streaming Video Platforms. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu (to name a few) — as well as free videos collections online — are all promoting video collections to celebrate Black History Month. Also check out these Black-Owned streaming services for documentaries, biopics, and dramas, satire, and comedies sharing Black experiences and starring or directed by Black artists.


3. Attend a guest speaker presentation or panel discussion. Thought-leaders and public speakers are always hosting or facilitating engaging events to attend in recognition of Black History Month. Attend an event near you.


4. Register for a workshop. Often intensive and interactive, these gatherings are fulfilling due to the emphasis being placed on the passions and creativity of the participants.

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5. Join or create a book club. Ideal for unpacking new ideas to old problems for a group of like-minded individuals. Add a facilitator to enhance group discussion.


6. Volunteer your time and talents. Many hands make work light. The troubles we face in Black America are ours collectively but every contribution can make a difference.

7. Donate to causes you believe in. To be effective and impactful, causes need money. Pool your resources from within your social networks or organize a fundraiser for a local charity that supports anti-racism & social justice.
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8. Reflect on your contribution to the culture. Take time to self-assess what you want written about YOU in the annuals of history and consider your next steps. Make your next move your best move.


9. Collaborate with your community. Widen your circle of partnerships in an effort to further your personal or professional mission.


10. Recognition and reward. Do you know someone or an organization dedicated to the uplift of the Black community? Shine the brightest light you can find on the work they do!

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Additional Black History Month Resources:

How are you celebrating Black History Month this year?

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