By Curtis Cost

Black AIDS organizations, as well as some Black Clergy, Black politicians and Black sports figures have beenencouraging African Americans to take HIV tests and to take HIV/AIDS drugs. Inmaking these recommendations it is clear that these individuals and groups havefailed to research the debate over the validity of the HIV tests and whether HIVis really the cause of AIDS.

On the other hand, doctors, scientists and researchers for years have been challenging the HIV/AIDShypothesis. Few in the Black community have heard their objections. Thefollowing is a brief summary of the controversy:

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  • NYMetro
    Yermande: Thanks for your comments. When someone does the research, it becomes so clear what is going on. Fake virus, deadly drugs, the medical establishment gets paid while our people are systematically killed off. Africans who need for example treatment for TB, are denied that treatment, but instead are given deadly HIV/AIDS drugs like AZT which destroys the immune system. Pregnant African women who are told that they are HIV positive, also based on phony tests, are also give deadly AZT. Some might call this GENOCIDE!
  • West
    have you ever heard of someone taking nothing and making billions off of it. and decreasing populations in areas where access to resources are desired. check the fake AIDS epidemic/pandemic. that has never happened. however if you check the stats on folk killed by anti viral drugs and you will see solid evidence. and when you read up on toxicology (check dr bayati) you will find that anti viral drugs cuz irriversable damage to the immune system.
    the virus HIV has never been isolated in any human (as far as i know) and many that know this want say. try to talk to someone very intelligent and academically inclined that works for an AIDS organization. they will not hear you for the most part because their car note and their mortgage has to be paid. i have sat with a few myself. it is deep.
    and the ones that have stood up will be shut up just like the ones that stand and say they found a link between autism and vaccination. no way this government is gonna own up to that one. too much to pay out.
    But this one HIV - AIDS. all of those ngo (non governmental organizations all over africa to save lives from AIDS) getting paid and paid 3 months vacations and having sex when they want. i talked to a young brother in uganda told me the white guys pay the boys in his village weekly. he said to me, sadly,"the are destroying our village" anyway... we need to trust our quesstions and research for our own answers.
  • West
    i am so very glad to hear someone step up about this. i have done so much research on the matter. it is not that complex. however, we are so over kill with the created negative propaganda that it is not easy for one to clear their mind to hear straight and simple info opposing what cdc is stating especially when they put he twist, ":black women are the fastest growing cases" or black men on the down low" ...it is sad. thanks again for this very important post.
    continued blessings,
  • NYMetro
    For those of you who are interested in this controversy, you can get a free crash course. Just go to www.vaccinesaredangerous.com and watch the free and short video clips on HIV/AIDS. Be sure to watch the Harlem AIDS Forum clips. After viewing these you will know more than 90% of the people on the planet on this topic. After you watch these stunning and informative clips, we can have a far more dynamic discussion.
    Vaccines Are Dangerous A Warning to the Global Community
    The purpose of this blog is to acquaint you with my book and to serve as a resource for those seeking additional information on the
  • DMV
    I've been saying this for the last 6 or 7 years. Baba Olatunji
  • NYMetro
    Milagros, you really need to read my book. I lay the information out very clearly and in great detail. Would you take a test that you knew was worthless, just for the sake of taking it? While I am saying don't take the HIV tests, I am not saying don't use condoms. Condoms protect against other sexually transmitted diseases and prevents unwanted pregnancies. These are two different things. There is zero benefit to taking an HIV test. Testing positive does not mean you really have it. Testing negative does not mean you really do not have it. So what is the point. Besides, testing positive for a disease use to be a good thing. It meant that a person's body had developed anti-bodies to a particular disease. HIV comes along and the rules change with no explanation why. You can read excerpts from my book including my chapter on HIV/AIDS by going to my website: www.vaccinesaredangerous.com
    Vaccines Are Dangerous A Warning to the Global Community
    The purpose of this blog is to acquaint you with my book and to serve as a resource for those seeking additional information on the
  • NYMetro
    Eric, I am familiar with many of the issues you raised. Are there conspiracies against us - of course there are. I have learned of many horrific things being done that would send a chill down even your spine. My point is that HIV/AIDS is a trickier kind of conspiracy. They have hypnotized us into believing in a virus for which there is no evidence exists. The mythical HIV virus is not the threat to our people, it is the toxic HIV/AIDS drugs that we have to fear. Former President Mbeki of South Africa learned of this con game which is why he opposed the HIV/AIDS drugs. Please look at the video clips on my website and tell me what you think.
  • West
    Im alway open to the perspective of others.but I must be prudent.The overall evidence of the systematic genicide of so called black people.Is a murder by zip code fact.If we set a side the aids epidemic for just a moment and not question the rational of a pathogen being discriminate agaisnt a single segment of society,and go with what we do know,yes the C.I.A did deliver and sell drugs to a drug dealer in south L.A,the news reporter who broke the story commited suicide(shot himself twice in the head)Gary Webb.Yes the destructive and deadly lead water pipes are running as we speak in the so called black commuity.(I live there and worked as a pluumber) this has gone on for years most recently bush declined to address it, coincidentilly the so called black community is 5x higher in lead contamination than other neighbor hoods.

    Tuskegee experiments 1947-1972 were studies sanctioned by the Us Government on the effects of the syphillis pathogen
    the aids epidemic broke out shortly afterward.

    During the highest murder statistics of the 80's and 90"s due to drugs being delivered by the C.I A .

    Coincidentilly the organ transplant business was in its pioneer stages.Every time one of the gun shot victims was declared brain dead or just clinging to life.They were artificially kept alive mean while,as a standard procedure a fax was sent all over the country and the organs were donated to the highest bidder(eye witness me).Under the overwelming evidence of genicide,yes there is a small space to imagine that aids magically appeared in society where in over 10,000 years of human existance it has never been found,except in monkeys.So when it decides to appear it circumvent all the other zip codes and finds itself in Africa,Haiti and the so call black zip codes.Astonishing!! I hope you get a chance to read my book.The mythology of race.
  • South
    My Friends i am out for the weekend ..Its negilgee and bolla time ;)
    see ya next week

    Love and light
  • South
    Go to my page and under my pic there is a place that says add as friend..i hope we can come to a understanding about this AIDS issue because u are a wealth of info and together we have light yrs of knowledge to share

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