Thutmose ! and his Mother Seniseneb

Kemet Travel - A great Image for Tuthmosis I (1504 – 1492 BC), 3RD King of Egypt’s 18th Dynasty with his Mother Semiseneb.

Tuthmosis I is the third king of the 18th Dynasty was a commoner by birth and a military leader by training. Unknown father name, but his mother was Semiseneb, a rather common name during the Second Intermediate Period and the early 18th Dynasty. He had married Ahmose; she may have been a sister of Amenhotep. Tuthmosis birth name, meaning “Born of the god Thoth”, though this is a Greek version. King Tuthmosis staged a great series of brilliant military campaigns that were to establish Egypt’s 18th Dynasty. He led a campaign into Nubia where he penetrated beyond the Third Cataract. His greatest campaigns were in the Delta and his battles against the Syrians as he finally reaches the Euphrates River. These open a new horizon that led later to Egypt’s important role in trade and diplomacy of the late Bronze Age Near East.

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