Watch this powerful presentation about one of the greatest Black men of all times. Garvey united 6 million Black people in the early 1900s and changed Black people forever.

"I heard the name, but never knew all that he had accomplished. Wow!"

"...the greatest Garvey presentation I have ever seen!.. and I have studied him for 20 years!"

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Learn the amazing history of one of most important Black men in history and the incredible work he did with Black people 100 years ago. Learn about the impact he is still having today and what is yet to come as a result of this great man.

This amazing presentation was recorded live in Atlanta, Georgia, delivered by TAG TEAM Marketing President Delxino Wilson de Briano, who has been personally, deeply impacted by Garvey's work and is deeply committed to carrying forward Marcus Garvey's vision. Delxino's presentation is truly powerful and impacting.

Purchase this DVD right now and get ready to experience a truly life-changing presentation!

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