A letter a day to number 10. No 696.

Saturday 29 March 2014. Corporate greed and redundant, surplus, humanity.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

Resources and population growth go hand in glove and the rise of the fossil fuel age has resulted in a similar rise in population. Actually both, on the Earth's timeline, represent explosions rather than mere rises.

In the halcyon days when it was presumed that natural resources would last a relatively long time with no end in sight, consuming was enthusiastically and aggressively encouraged and pursued, with America coming to dominate the world in an ever increasing hunger for, and exploitation of, resources.

Such was the explosive growth in the exploitation of natural resources that the time scale of their presumed availability has shrunken from thousands of years, to hundreds, to, currently, mere decades and it's still shrinking.

Cue a pretty vast number of problems that are pivotal in the fast approaching, and inevitable, future, two of which I would like to comment on in which the first impacts the second. Resource exploitation has led to the polarisation of wealth in the, self serving, explosive rise of corporations hungry for profits which are doing everything in their power to maintain business as usual. That has led to a head to head conflict with the needs of humanity which is being treated as having reached a surplus in so far a production and profit is concerned.

One way or another it looks as though population reduction is inevitable as resources go into free fall. How that reduction is handled is one of the major issues we are facing today.

You, your government and most MPs have chosen to align yourselves with the profit hungry resource grabbers with little or no regard for, and active hostility towards, the plight of ordinary people and, indeed, the entire planet.

Working towards the future is something that we should all be facing together but to treat ordinary people as hostiles in the continuing apocalyptic resource grabbing of the few is as unforgivable as it is ultimately stupid and self defeating. Put mutually assured destruction on the balance sheet and see how good your investment portfolio looks then. — in Peasedown Saint John.

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