A letter a day to number 10. No 748.

Wednesday 21 May 2014. Even children are now just the slaves of thieves.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

It's staggering, the cost of the financial crisis and the bank bail outs has resulted in the slavery of ordinary people on a scale that defies description. It isn't just about money, it's about the slavery of minds, where our very human identity has been stolen and we're all objects now. All people have now been turned into debt slaves, mere objects of finance, even children are just another form of slavery requiring non-parental care because parents are indebted to work and work no longer serves as a means of provision, but as an imposed duty, whether it pays to work or not.

Austerity has marked the end of whatever democracy was supposed to mean, if it ever meant anything at all, into slavery dictated by the state in which even our children pay through the loss of their parents in their most formative years during most of their waking day, farmed out to child-carers. Parents and children are surrogated and subjugated for profit in an immense public heist of the infinitely precious values of family, bonding, caring, loving, touch and tenderness, inclusive community and being.

Everything has a price, but nothing has any meaning if our lives and our children's lives are just a meaningless transaction on a zero hours contract which Esther McVey calls 'enabling'. If parents can no longer be parents and children can no longer spend their formative years with a parent and are farmed out to an institution, what is the point of anything?

The banks have been bailed out for free, they have haemorrhaged the nation, and what have we got back? Austerity, debt slavery and the violence and poverty of servicing the thieves who've robbed us. Even our children, if they want to further their education, are being forced into debt that many, if not most, will not cover in their lifetimes and Osborne even wants to turn student debt into a privatised market opportunity.

There is an elephant in the room and it is financial greed at the cost of the many to service the few. Capitalism and the 'free market economy' and neoliberalism are the most successful disasters in the history of the world. The cost for ordinary people is so unimaginably high it defies description. It would be laughable or ludicrous if it wasn't so abominably serious and so gut wrenching and nauseatingly real. — in Peasedown Saint John.

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