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Campaign for Truth & Justice

30TH September 2011

The Rt, Hon. David Cameron,

Prime Minister


I have previously written to you when you were Leader of the Opposition and the response from your office was that, as I was not a member of your constituency you could not help.



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Gadaffi: Africa's Hero?


I strongly disagree with those African commentators who have swallowed western propaganda and are only dwelling on Col. Gadaffi's real and perceived dirty deeds, completely ignoring his pivotal role in the liberation in South Africa in particular a

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Colonial White Surnames: Part 1

The Question: “What do you all think about so-called Conscious Negroes in Amerikkka who still carry a Colonial “White” Surname Identity here in the late year 2010---Who are they really working for?”

My Answer (Part 1): This deeply considered issue i

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Is China Neocolonialist?

H.E. Jean Ping, mentioned in his new book, Africa Will Shine Brighter than a Thousand Flames, that Africa is in danger of "being colonized again" by the West in the post-Cold War period, and many African countries fear that their former exploiters ar

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