Raising Our Voices against Reproductive Oppression, Gender Violence, & Mass Incarceration

July 25 - August 1, 2014

Jacksonville, FL & Everywhere!

The Free Marissa Now Mobilization Campaign is partnering with SisterSong and many other grassroots groups to host Standing Our Ground Week of Action, a celebration of exercising our civil and human dignity rights. Hundreds of national members and organizations collaborating with Free Marissa Now will attend week-long festivities in Jacksonville from Friday, July 25, 2014 until Friday, August 1, 2014.

Standing Our Ground Week is also an opportunity for supporters of Marissa Alexander all around the world to mobilize their communities around ending domestic violence, ending mass incarceration, and supporting all women's right to defend their lives!

SUPPORT: To financially support the Standing Our Ground Week of Action, please donate to Project South and be sure to write "Free Marissa Now" in the organizational affiliation section.



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  • South
    The SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF AFRICA (SADA) (Africanization Society), Inc.,is a Washington, DC nonprofit 501 C 3 corporation established in 1970.
    We are about organizing Africans for positive actions in cultural integrity of Africa and Africans through the study of African history, culture and ways of life
    And to promote the UNITED STATES OF  AFRICA a la mode Americans of 1776. These Americans set up a government which our present African leaders are finding it difficult to emulate even in the year 2014, 400 hundred years when the Americans found out that contiguous nations must unite for their posterity to enjoy life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
    We also promote Africa as the home for all Africans blacks as well as whites, those at home and those abroad. 
    We have work to do to remove the depressed conditions at places where Africans live worldwide.


    Kofi Agyapong

  • South

    We must also find a way to undermine the root cause of all these social problems, because they make some people more money than manufacturing plants all mostly out of the plight of the Africans and few of us are willing to think of progames that may help us overcome our addiction to the European and Arab ways of life. The root cause of our plight in modern Western world is slavery and the only way to reverse slavery is to make African descendants in America, especially Akwasi Akyeampong aware that unless we sankofa our roots, all things will not matter. It seems simple to say that sankofa our roots is the answer to our plight in America but think of it and you will know know that BLACK is not WHITE but black and white are colors among us. We must accept both and live as Nelson Mandela instructed us to live.

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