Rastafari Messengers of the Ages

It is being published online for starts by Amazon Books: CreateSpace, and yes, there's still plans to have it locally Published as well.

But for now, I'm very honored to have it published on SEPTEMBER 27th 2015 which happens to be the 99th Anniversary of Lij Tafari Makonnen being crowned RAS TAFARI!!! THE CROWN PRINCE and REGENT to the THRONE OF ETHIOPIA in 1916!

This Book will certainly contribute more information towards the RASTAFARI FAITH and CULTURE having been briefly introduced in 2008 when I was a Guest on 'Religious Hard Talk'.

Please order your copy online by clicking on link below:


"Rastafari Messengers Of The Ages" by Robert Mogg

'Rastafari Messengers Of The Ages' looks into the history and present realities of a peculiar People who trace their roots / origins within the Holy Bible. Truth be...

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I treasure all support and look forward to ALL Comments and Critiques!

One Perfect Love!

Prophet Greg.


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