I think it says a lot about what's important and what is not, what is part of the agenda and what is not. After 50 years+ of having Black history week into Black history month we are still struggling to get it all year round. It is not the fault that students come out of 12 years of education, ignorant of the contributions of Africans and Africans throughout the Diaspora. They attend our educational systems, no matter their ethinicity, and they are not taught much of anything beyond MLK. They have little knowledge of the enormous inventions, contributions, excellence in science, math and technology that African descendants have made. They don't even realize that many of the things they use in their own homes and place of work were engineered, invented or developed by black hands. Some teachers don't even realize that Africa is a continent. It is quite unfortunate that in the 21st Century we have such pervasive ignorance of Africa, and the Africans throughout the diaspora. And that's what I have to say about that!

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