Raising Operating capital for The Lower Bottom Playaz, the oldest North American African Theater Troupe in Oakland CA

Where Your Money Goes:

Funds raised here will pay for office space, buy copy paper for scripts, ink for copiers, pay our box-office bill, help to host our web sites, buy postage, and assist with all of the cost associated with running a non-profit organization engaged in creating art for public presentation.

We are a non-profit organization if you don't want a perk your donation is tax deductible and 100 per cent of your contribution helps us continue to exist. We also offer an array of pretty cool perks to reward you for supporting such a worthy cause.

All funds will be used to assist the troupe in its day to day operation through the closing of its 12th season.


The Importance of Supporting Local Art


The Lower Bottom Playaz have the motto of, "Creating what we need from what we have been gifted." Please support our efforts to bring the finest possible theater to Oakland CA.

Arts enrich communities in multiple ways including providing wholesome inclusive entertainment, common ground for diverse populations, and the preservation of culture.

Arts experience opens the door to multiple roads to employment. The Lower Bottom Playaz employ actors, train actors, and provide valuable experience for those interested in industry related employment.

We get what we build and in a challenging economy many arts organization are forced to close or curtail activities -- we are trying to maintain our level of service and continue to offer oppourtunity to artist and serve Oakland theatergoers.


DONATE HERE: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-lower-bottom-playaz-inc-theater-at-its-most-committed



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