Do You Want to Make Your Butt Look Better?

Improve Your Assets is a new e-book that shows men and women how to get a round, firm, shapely backside with targeted exercises and stretches. Log onto www.improveyourass.com for more information.

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  • Chicago-Midwest

    I got you sister, I also say things that are not so popular & again, I apologize for the wrong wording. No disrespect intended. We are ALL doing what we can, to help & Ido appreciate your efforts & endeavors. Please send me your email address. Peace Goddess

  • West

    Mr. Glover, the cover was chosen by a team of both genders and mixed races. Unfortunately when you are marketing an e-book and in fierce competition for eyeballs and attention for your product, a dynamic, "shocking" cover that garners attention is a must. Gotta understand my brother, a book that helps people correct muscular imbalances and defines their gluteal muscles is NOT necessarily a hot topic. It's kinda boring actually. LOL!! So we chose to pick a cover that would get lots of attention. Once people saw it, they could decide if it was something for them or not, but ya gotta get their attention first otherwise you are lost in the crowd of hundreds of thousands of other e-books. THis is business, nothing about me and definitely nothing personal. I have two covers that are exactly the same with two different models. One is black and one is Asian I think. White. Something. Anyway she ain't black. But that again, is for marketing purposes.

    I have been working for almost 20 years to bring young men and women along and to better themselves as black people and as parents, responsible citizens, etc. I do a radio show, write articles, have two blogs of my own, and provide dating advice. My blog is very controversial and a lot of people don't like what I say. But you can go on it and see what you think. Surviving Dating.  The other one is www.askheartbeat.com.

  • Chicago-Midwest

    Sister 1st let me apologize if you were offended. What you're doing is a good thing for many people but the picture of the woman's ass on the book cover (in my opinion) wasn't necessary to get your point across. It looks good but it does lack class. Our young girls are already walking around in TIGHTS for pants & they don't need any more encouragement to show their butts in public. What they need is sisters who can show them HOW to carry themselves with CLASS because I'm sure you've noticed that our youth are LOST SHEEP. Help them out sister, help them out. I'm sure you yourself are a classy lady & are passing that on to your daughters or young women around YOU, but the vast majority of our youth have NO classy role models around THEM, to guide them aright. That sister on your Book Cover didn't need to pose with a G String. THAT picture is not helping the already existing problem. You're right, it aint many REAL Niggas out here, but I PROMISE you, that I'm one of the few. Women's butts don't phase real niggas like that. Our minds are on more important things. I always say that, if Niggas wasn't IN The Strip Clubs drooling over a woman, she wouldn't BE there. So, it's the niggas fault, not the woman's. Niggas need to wake up & be real MEN because a woman can't be a real woman if her man aint a REAL Man!!! And I'm NOT gay or bi sexual. I'm just straight up, sometimes considered brutally honest, so Again I apologize. Send me your email address so you can read my MUST Read Articles. Thank You for your participation in helping the people that need you.

  • West

    Not only that, no woman turns a man into anything. Men turn THEMSELVES into tricks.
    Lastly, there is no such thing as a "real nigga." You may have things to do - no one is stopping you. If you or some other guy is distracted by a woman's rear end, as many as you've seen before like you said, well, that's a personal problem with your own character that has nothing to do with my book.

  • West

    What do your extremely rude and out of place comments have to do with my book? I am a personal trainer with 13 years of experience training women. And one of the chief areas of weakness in the human body in the 21st century is ... say it with me now... THE GLUTES! Everyone, men and women, sit on their ass constantly and end up with poor posture, bad backs, pain in the hip and knees and ankles and feet. The majority of those problems are directly related to weak, non-functioning gluteal muscles. Your response to the book is rather ignorant. It is designed to be a tool to help people get out of a lot of pain AND look better as well. No one wants a flat, jiggly or super wide butt. It's not attractive visually, and it makes it difficult to find clothes that fit.

    Sir, if you didn't understand what you were reading, why didn't you seek more information before jumping to conclusions and calling people all kinds of horrible names?

  • Chicago-Midwest

    I once told a female that I'M a salesman & IF she'll advertise it, I'll SELL it! She got offended. THIS woman obviously needs something to do. And all REAL Niggas need to stop giving these women the attention that they seek with their ass. We got shit to do & aint got NO time for shit like THIS. These women have turned Niggas into TRICKS over a big ass. If you've seen one, you've seen a thousand, so what's the big deal. This kinda shit aint supposed to get NO play. I mean don't get me wrong, I LOVE attractive women but CLASSY. This woman have NO class!!! It's Nation building time, that's why our young black men are at risk because of shit like THIS.

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