Black Report Card - Grade The U.S. Government

Nubian Global Voting - BLACK REPORT CARD


This grade is not just for the President, but the Senate, the Congress, the Judicial, the Justice / Prison System, Health Care and Educational system too!

It's a system and as a group we should grade it. Nobody usually asks US what we think. We are just dictated to

and given superficial choices. This is anything but a Party Voting, Happy Nappy Vote or a Black & Depressed Vote!

GET YOUR VOTE ON! TALK ABOUT IT! Slaves Don't Vote or Organize!

You don't have to ask permission, be fearful, register, join a party or affiliate yourself with anyone but your race-family.

The Nubian Times for your reading pleasure and sanity!

Issue 18 Vol. 5 = RUMOR HAS IT...edition

Read by over 300,000+ bi-monthly! Share if you can.

BOOTY ADAMS (Adult, Male) is one of the owners of the site and the composer of the BLACK IQ TEST.

BLACK WOMEN are invited to take the BLACK IQ Test. All Test Takers must have a code of conduct!

Black IQ Test start Page

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"You Must Come Home, To Your Own"!


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