The Center for the Restoration of Ma'at invites you on a unique experience; an African Centered tour of Boston's Museum of Fine Arts.

Museum of Fine Arts

465 Huntington Avenue

Boston, Massachusetts 02115

Saturday, January 19

12 Noon - 3 PM

$30 for Adults; $20 for Children

While several museums feature comprehensive collections of Ancient Egyptian (Kemet) artifacts, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston also contains an extensive Kushitic (Nubian) collection. This unique feature allows us to discuss the relationship between two of the world's most import early civilizations. Major artifacts include world-renown statues of Kemetic King Menkaure and his Queen Khamerernebty II and the exquisite Het-Heru Headed crystal pendant from Nubia. See the impressive collection of ushabti statuettes which belong to the 25th Dynasty ruler, Taharqa.

This tour will provide a general overview of Ancient Kemetic and Nubian history while re-contextualizing Kemet as an African nation.

We will accomplish 3 objectives on this tour:

1) Develop an intimate portrayal of our ancient ancestors

2) Describe the major periods of Ancient Kemetic and Nubian History and Art

3) Explore the complex relationship between Kemet and Nubia over thousands of years

Don't miss this interactive multimedia tour which explores the African cradle of civilization! Your tour will run approximately 3 hours and will cost $30 for adults and $28 for students. Please RSVP as soon as possible as limited spaces are available. Pay via cash, money order, or credit online and on site. Please enter through the Linde Family Entrance at least 15 minutes prior!

Tour led by

Jabari Osaze, Heru DjedenMa'at Aten-Ra

To register or for more information, please visit:

Or Call (646) 853-0496

Spaces are very limited!

Please enter through the Linde Family Entrance of the

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston at 11:45 AM sharp!

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