What Is Functional Unity?

Functional Unity is that level and quality of social organization

and structure that naturally aids us (as African/Black People) in building and maintaining power;

Power to control the economic, political and cultural life of our Communities and Nations.

Further, Functional Unity is that system and infrastructure

through which any social group promotes and protects its vital interests.


Without Functional Unity, as defined above, we have no option other

than serving the interest of others. - To state it another way; with any social group, there are only

two options; self-rule or subjugation.

So, how do we build and maintain Functional Unity as that

necessary tool of empowerment for our people?

We do so by first establishing Unity and Self-Determination as the paramount goals of our local and

global movement as African People.

*Secondly, we must soberly construct and then maintain a

sufficient tool or social device designed for the specific

work of organizing the Unity we need.

No matter how badly we want Unity and Power for our people, it can only

come about through our confident will to be self-determined

and then through the development and artful use of the

specific social device spoken of above.

*With this specialized tool or social device solidly in place, we

can more effectively organize ourselves for empowerment

and victory over oppression.

For us, this necessary tool or social device is the "Functional Unity Process". This Process and

System is currently being constructed and perfected as a prototype. The master plan calls for the

duplication of this Process and System in cities and towns throughout the U.S. and beyond.

The application of the Functional Unity Process answers

the question, "What does it take to build the

Empowered African (Black) Community?"

The details of the Functional Unity Process are outlined in an

organized presentation called the "Blueprint for Functional Unity". Interested persons

can review this presentation live at the African Community Center(s) or online.

Please note: The online presentation uses both audio and visuals.

Sound speakers are required.

Click here to get started with the online presentation. Our

hope is that you will think enough of the Functional Unity Process to

become an endorser and supporter. - Please don't hesitate to contact

us with any question or concern: 404-344-5454


10th Annual Unity Council Appreciation Banquet & Mama Njere Functional Unity Lifetime Achievement Awards

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