Soon it will be Mother's Day. Many of us will be shopping for that perfect card for mother. Hallmark here we come! But, if your sister were selling her own designed card, would you purchase your Mother's Day card from your sister? And will you encourage your friends to do the likewise? TheBlackList invites you and urges you to support and purchase your Mother's Day card from our sister and fellow member Winnie Burch. To purchase your Mother's Day card, goto TheBlackList is more than talk. We are a network of conscious people work make networking work. To purchase your Mother's Day card, goto Next time we'll support your product and your enterprise.

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  • Caricom
    Greetings Family,

    Of course I'd purchase my Mother's Day card from my sister. I believe in keeping the dollars in the family - patronizing OUR OWN. If my sister didn't have the card, I would look to my brother and if he didn't have it, I'd create my own. I always, always encourage our brothers and sisters to support OUR businesses.

    Peace & blessings abundantly!

    Nana Peggy
    A motherless child
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