Who is the person you click off most on television?

Who is the person you tune out most on radio?

You are watching television and that person appears on the screen and then you change the channel.

Who is that person?

You are listen to the radio when you hear that person's voice and you change the station.

Who is that person?

Who is the person that you are most likely to tune out or switch the station or channel on whenever you hear or see them on the radio or television?

Why do you tune out, switch the station or change the channel whenever you hear or see that person?

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  • NYMetro

    Rudolph Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, City.  Anytime this poor excuse for a human being appears on the television screen, a series of mistruths emerges from his mouth. It is my humble opnion that this reactionary neo-fascist pig was the chief architect in the construction of the police state apparatus that exist in the city of New York today, and for many people of color who live, who work or who visit this city, the subsequent current conditions resulting from that construction. The current mayor, Micheal Bloomberg, has taken the baton that Rudy passed on to him with great vigor and is running with it to creative new heights. 

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