Who are you?

Who are you?

Looking and inquiring beyond your IDENTITY, who are you?
If you are not your identity, who are you?

Looking and inquiring beyond any DESCRIPTION of you, who are you?
If you are not the description of you, who are you?

If you are not your IDENTITY and your DESCRIPTION, who are you?

What about you that is unique and singular?


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  • West
    Beloved Ngone:

    Thanks for passing that picture around. I am doing the same. Thanks for your post.

    Beloved Kamal thanks for your straight unwavering to the point reply.
    Who and What I Am.

    I AM A Cosmic Universal Divine Spiritual Being.
    I AM Being the Divine Change the world Needs to Be and See.
    I AM a Statue of Divine Salvation, Liberation and Freedom for all to See and Be.
    I AM Divine Energy.
    I AM Divine Knowing
    I AM Divine Conscious.
    I AM Infinity.
    I AM a representative of the Divine Ethereal Essence Intelligent Energy that revealed/created us, that Is not a ‘He”.
    I AM One with Channeling/Remote viewings which allows me to see what is and what is not.
    I AM in charge of my Destiny.
    I AM My Ancestors.
    I AM a Vessel for Divine Truth/Reality.
    I AM a Divine Harmony, Harmony, Order and Balance vessel.
    I AM a piece of the Black Afrikan Puzzle.
    I AM a microcosm of the macrocosm. In other words, I AM a miniature Universe of the larger Universe.
    I AM part of the Moon, Stars, Sun, and all the elements in the Universe.
    I AM Part of the Earth.
    I Am a vessel for our enslaved Ancestors REPARATIONS NOW.
    I AM part of the All that was, Is, and will Be.
    I AM an on a Divine Epiphany Safari in search of my Utopia.
    I AM more than even I have yet to Know I AM
    I AM still learning how to discover the all of me I have yet to know about me.
    I AM a Divine Original and not a copy of what others says I should BE.
    I AM Who and What I say I AM.
    I was Born Free.
    Lived Free
    Dying Free.
    I Am Me.

    What about you that is unique and singular? Being Divine, knowing the ongoing Divine Truth/Reality. Knowing the duality of our being. Knowing the difference between Profane and Divine. Knowing that I am still seeking ALL that I have yet to Know...and then some.

    As for how my Tombstone will read. I intend on being cremated, so there will be no Tombstone reading unless I am not in charge of my finale and someone else is. If that be the case. I meditate my Tombstone reads: Divine Truth/Reality, Harmony, Order, and Balance lies here.

    I will compose my own epitaphs prior to Back To Infinity departure from this hell mind-set among 99.9 percent of the people. I will conduct my own Back To Infinity departure by video taping my epitaphs, because no one Knows me better than Me, and trusting others to share the Divine Truth/Reality about me, only a few I have met can do that. I AM not into European funerals.

  • Europe
    I am. Period!

    'Who' I am? The question sounds like a mind infection from babble-on I cought in grammar school: ''What' will you be when grown up?'
    I'm an adult me for quite some time now. No carpenter, no ICT specialist, no musician, no video editor/director, no animation artist, no 3D modeler, no graphic designer, no friend, no brother, no son. I can fill in all of the above. I self, that is. Nothing far or near from I has responded to any of the above accordingly. I suppose that means there is no 'you' either... U turn; to I

    Heal thy self. Here's a little serum:

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... True...
    beauty is in the I of the beholder
    B.U.T. is when you don't watch your 'S'. So...
    Be you; Thee

    You and I have been schooled so we learned to ask 'who' and 'what'. Babylon will babble-on if we keep neglecting sound words ritually mutated by babylon society (babble-on so-say-it-he).

    I'm free as a fish in a school of wales: I'll see them again when they catch their breath.

    Evolution is the decay of huemanity. Re-evolve! Re-volt with 'sound' word.

    "Word is bond like covenant"
  • Chicago-Midwest
    Yes I, I am part of de Universal spirit,a FREE SPIRIT and have de Spirit of Legbar, de dooropener)...comin into dis realm, I am physical..... I am de soul of I ancestors dat are Afrikans .I identify wit dat and created ego...Thus guided by inner consciousness, I was a restless spirit til I came to realize who I am....Once one see..de path lie plainly before...And life becomes a walk in harmony....I Ego(who I try to be, how I try to carry Iself, I principles dat I live, reflects I lifestyle....I am a earthling, a natural man.....so it is de laws of nature I abide.....I see ONENESS in all things..I a part of dat.......I am complete and as above, so below....I called Bomani(de warrior/revolutionary), Sadiki( de faithful), Ras Jahbo(de original).....I am de total of I experiences....Its be amazing dis lvity.....or is it just a dream?
  • I am a spiritual being that is here to assist in the ressurection of my people by sharing love and wisdom.
    • Kamal, thanks for Wrestling with this question.
      I have 2 questions to help me get to define who you are.
      1. What do you mean when you say "I am a spiritual being"?
      How does you being a spiritual being manifest in the real world, that is, the every day experience of being a live. How would I know that you are who you say you are? A "spiritual being".

      2. Thank you for being one who assists in the resurrection of your people. If I were to write this on your tombstone, what undisputable evidence would I have for this?

      So who are you?

  • This is a very thought provoking question indeed. in my humble understand "OneSelf" is unlimited, and consists of many levels, on one level, ones self is "we are therefore I am," it also consists of an inner definition that may or may not be limited to how you look, where you come from, who you associate with, that definiton of who you are is on the spiritual plane and transcends limitation.

    Peace, to the ONE & The ALL
    • Ngone, here is another way to answer the question: What will they write on your tombstone? What will be you epitaph? What will they say about you at your wake? So. who are you?

      P.S.: That picture says a lot. Is that who you are?
  • Chicago-Midwest
    Dis is an excellent question, dat one needs to deal wit in knowing oneself....History of family , kulture , geography(language and environment traditions) , ethic background, mcuh goes into dis....Many people select dem identity and lifestyles dat dictate life activities........It goes deep into genetics, dna..All dis forms a worldveiw(forms spiritual thought)...which all dis can be complexing...Its a mix of de physical and mental........consciousness and awareness........SURVIVAL..Thanks for de post.....
    • So Bomani, who are you?
      Who is Bomani?
      We are commanded: "Man,know thy self."

      Who are you that you know your self to be?
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