Name three (3) human beings - men or women, who lived in the last century that you admire most.

  1. What is it about these three people that you admire?
  2. How has these that these three people impacted you your life?
  3. What results have you produced in the world that could be directly linked or attributed to the impact these three people have had on your life?


~Kwasi Akyeampong



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  • Africa

        Malcom X,  Gani Fahwemi ,Fajuyi( a Nigerian soldier) .These are people i hold in high esteem ! Their principled stand on issues they believed in . Malcolm,Fajuyi (Gani,in a way
     )died for their beliefs !

    • Thanks you, Bietor, for living for and being committed to the principles for which Malcolm, Fajuyi and Gani lived and died for.

  • West








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      I am absolutely clear that you and know what's human and a human being.
      You and I need not go to a dictionary etc to define human being.

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  • South

    SADA says most people have no idea what has happened to  us as a people and the reasons why we will remain slaves for the next 1000 years. It is because, what you do not know may hurt you or retard you and since Africans have been kept docile like sheep, we are bound to live like sheep. But looking at our past, many people have done great works. To me these are what SADA has come to call GOD DO

    Who are our GOD.  They are Garvey, Osagyefo Dubois.  DO means Douglas and all the Other Africans. Any child who is taught of Garvy will know that he is an African by origin. Most Africans waste their time doing things that do not impact on all of us. Garvey's life is a life lived for Africans to bring about a government for all Africans and this is why I am asking Kwasi Akyeampong to consider helping SADA build the bridge across the Atlantic Ocean to enable future and present EXEDUS of Africans from the AMERICAS to Africa.  Read the Holy Bible EZRA chapter 1 & 2.

    Osagyefo was the first preseident of Ghana who opened our minds and eyes for the Africa's independence. He was a great man

    Dubois challenged Garvey when they were young. But as adults, Dubois justified Garvey by going to live in Africa and dying in Ghana. If Dubois had understook Garvey at their time, Africa would have been UNITED by the two of them. It is in the same vein SADA is asking Akwasi Acheampong to join SADA to push for our UNITY. We must have a serious organization here in USA just like the Latinos have LARAZA and the Jews have B' Nai Brith Internation and the Negroes have none because most of us are to busy not living our history. Kwasi please help us.

    Douglass is one African who deserves the greatest admiration of them all. He learnt how to read and write by himsel. Read the Autobiography of Frederick Douglass and you will weap. He wrot my mother was and African who took care of the white master's children but when she was too old to do her chores, the master sent her to the forest to die and be eaten by animals. Douglass grew to be an Africanist and took the SLAVERY QUESTION to Heaven and spoke so eloquently that no African born of a woman could challege him. God bless Africans.




    Dr. Kofi Agyapong



    • Africa

      GOD BLESS YOU Dr Kofi !

    • Thanks for your response.

      Firstly, get that you did not answer the questions.

      I get that you are requesting my assistance on a matter that is important to you.

      This is not the forum for that request.

      However, any assistant that I may give is predicate on you being introspective, being able to read and follow simple instructions.

      Let's wipe the slate clean.

      Begin again. Answer the questions.


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