When will "I" be free?

When will Africa be free?

The answer is clear and simple.

Africa will be free when I and you and everyone - "I" - who envision a free Africa is free.

Africa will not be free when they out there or they over there are free.

Africa will only be free when you and I declare that "I am free" not when Africa declares that it is free.

Freedom is a declaration, a conversation, a way of being about being free.

Ask Soujourner Truth.
Freedom exists as a possibility only for one who is already free.

Now, then, when do I need to be free to free to bring into being a free Africa?

When will "I" be free?

What am "I" (the “I” sitting in pants of “I” who is reading this) willing to give up to be free?

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  • South
    To be free, I am willing to give up those I once thought friends because they cannot handle who I am as a person and how I believe. I cannot sell myself out for "acceptance". I have learned that I only need myself. I have had to face family disapproval to be free because I no longer want to look like the "nice lily-white" woman whom is so pleasing to the eye. I am back to my roots which were stolen as a child. I was taught how my father's side of the family were all 'bad' because of not being white and for the 'sins' of my father, which were HIS crimes and no one else's. To be free, I literally became the "black sheep" of the family Baaah!
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