• I applaud your initiative to encourage parents to teach our babies the truth. For too long, Black Parents have chosen to “protect” our children from the truth rather allowing them to know the truth and letting the truth make them free. For me, that seemed to be a contradiction the religion teachings that too many New Afrikans profess to follow. For example, we should teach the truth of the fact that the Scott Sisters got consecutive double-life on a false conviction, while dreyl dedmom, the white supremacist who deliberately ran over a Black man in mississippi, got a concurrent double-life sentence for a confessed murder. Black People need to join the fight for justice for all and recognize that the fight is not a moment but a movement. The R.E.A.L. Learning Speaker's Bureau teaches on "soulution" strategies for continuing the movement and moving it forward toward Freedom, Justice and Equality for New Afrikan in america. Contact us at or 601.957.2969 for a consultation of bring the R.E.A.L. Learning Lesson to your community.

    • Brotha Lukata, I do not deserve your applause.

      I am not the teacher.

      I am the questioner?

      There is a lot of talking about The Truth.

      And now there is someone imploring us to teach our babies The Truth.

      I get what it is to teach math and science etc.
      But teach The Truth.

      My question to you and everyone is What Is The Truth - What is THE TRUTH?



    • Chicago-Midwest

      Truth Def:  1 a being true; specific.,a) sincerity; honesty b) conformity with fact c) reality; actual existence d) correctness; accuracy 2 that which is true 3 an established fact - Webster's New World Dictionary       

      When teaching my children I have tried to be concise and to the point about anything and every thing, objectively, with a strong emphasis on history; not smoothing anything over no matter how ugly or bitter.   


    • Jamie, thanks for participating.

      I get that you teach your children to be concise, to be objective etc.
      I assert that is teaching your  children to be concise, to be objective etc.
      Are you saying that THE TRUTH is teaching your children to concise, objective etc. and that is THE TRUTH. 

      Thanks for share Webster's DEFINATION of TRUTH.

      Is that THE Truth?

      This is one company's definition.

      How is TRUTH defined in other dictionary?

      The question, however is not about TRUTH.

      What is THE Truth? That's is the question.



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