What is the CARE in Obamacare?

The historic healthcare law is derisively called Obamacare. In honor of the President, I will claim Obamacare. It is necessary, however, to distinguish "care". What do you say is the care in Obamacare? When speaking of Obamacare, what do you say that Obama cares about? One could also say Obama-care or Obama cares. ~KWASI AKYEAMPONG

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  • Chicago-Midwest

    Personally - health care, housing & education should be free or for a very minimal cost to any individual or family...............................

    • NYMetro

      Yes, we can all dream of pie-in-the-sky.  Everyone should drive a Lincoln and be handed the latest iPad.  But until that happens, let's talk about the practical here and now.

    • NYMetro

      We must remind the President who it was that got him elected and remind the unions that they are supposed to represent the working people.

      Working people dug deep for Obama in 2008.  And people with disabilities did all they could.  Now, without the "companion exemption," working people will suffer and people with disabilities will become more dependent on a larger staff of people each of whom will be more poorly paid and have less incentive to do a good job.  This will force many disabled folks to just give up and move into nursing homes.

      Before you make pie-in-the-sky promises of overtime pay of time-and-a-half, let us see that the money's there!




  • NYMetro

    Obama shows that he cares about rich campaign contributors even when it hurts the poor.  Trying to prevent home care workers from working as much as they need to is an example.  He's looking out for the labor unions and HMOs while making the lives of home care workers and the disabled people we help a lot harder!  Y'see he's ordering the removal of the "companion exemption" from the Fair Labor Standards Act.  The exemption has allowed us home care workers to take home enough money to live on by letting us work more than 40 hours per week.  Without the exemption I'd lose $4,700 annually.  Other workers will lose over half their pay!  Who benefits?  the Labor Unions since eliminating the exemption will require the hiring of more poorly-paid workers.  Most home care agencies are "closed shops," which means each worker will have to pay at least $25.10 per month to the union!  This will help the unions a lot but ruin the lives of the workers!

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