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    As a white, i'm living in Central Africa for almost a decade now. Almost every day, Africans spit on me

    As long as Europeans consider themselves as "white" then they must also except what it brings with it, the sins of the father will visit the sons, for some bizarre reason parts of your email warmed my heart.
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      Hi Sisi,

      but I do not consider myself white, merely a child of God, our Father who sees no color. I'm not a 'whigger', but I'm blacker than most Africans I meet here. So many people here are only concerned with their own bank accounts, their cars, their sons and daughters studying in Paris or Washington, and they're willing to do almost anything to realise these selfish goals. This is what I consider being white, so I can state some (or many) Africans are actually whiter on the inside than me.

      This doesn't remove the fact I'm very consious about the collective sins of my ancestors, and when I think about this, I can be truly ashamed to be white (or at least, to have a white skin-color). But on the other side I realise very well that God has created everyone as equals; we all have red blood and ten toes. Our Heavenly Father does not judge us based on appearance, but on our internal thoughts and actions. I pray that one day humanity will learn to live like one single entity. Every human being is like a molecule in a body, and if one molecule starts insulting or oppressing other molecules, the body will eventually become sick and that is the state we're currently facing and have to overcome.

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    Racism is a disease. A mind infection. A result of commercial societies that nowadays need no more input to keep going. WE became the input confirming to what everybody that doesn't look 'African' wants to see us.


    we point to a supremacist society. We lie to our selves. Can't we see that this society is about kicking down?

    It is about having someone to step on. Nobody cares or fight for 'little' white lies, but EVERYBODY is looking harder day by day to find someone to point at. WE look in the mirror and say 'It's not (about) me' and go looking for that 'nigga' portrayed in media. Once we find him/her we go 'you see'. So doing we keep confirming.


    We can stop this mechanism by accepting our selves. That 'nigga' used in the media is you in the hands/on the lips of somebody else, thrown into a society that needs us as THE social group to step on!. Can we create 'an I' as a nation so we can finally start building collectively. So we can finally have a viewpoint to the world from one body?

    'African American' seem THE part of us that are closest to representing the PAN African global nation because of your presence in the global America copying media. A 'global us' mind state, the reunion of the black nation would have to be represented by you IF 'the revolution' was to be televised. You'd have to collectively accept the lot in the jails and question 'justice' as one should question digestion when having pimples. You'd have to collectively accept the various denominations/split-ups as variation of one as if it's one person doing a reality check avoiding becoming schizophrenic.

    I.e. the change should be portrayed by you, the brother/sister 'in the mirror'.


    Its a case of image-in-nation when we look in a real mirror. It's distorted by images in the media (news/commercials/talkshows/hollywood/andallofthat)



    "The world is watching. Africa included."


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    Racism is a result of deep ignorance. People who are racist do not have the ability to think clearly, nor the ability to appreciate even one molecule in God's creation.

    Another thing: to Lyonezz: I quote: "Racism is the act of one race (the white race) abusing and destroying other races to make itself seem larger than life..."

    What a very uncool thing to say. Maybe (white) Americans are 90 % racist, I dunno (never been there and never will, because I despise the US), but do not imply racism is a white thing or something. Other races are just as racist and ignorant, it has nothing to do with black, white or yellow.

    As a white, i'm living in Central Africa for almost a decade now. Almost every day, Africans spit on me, throw stones and insult me with the most horrible words. And then they say this is because of the past. Well, out of respect for Mr. Kwasi and the visitors of this forum I will not reply to this matter in my own words, because they will be harsh and nasty.  I'm pissed off with the attitude of the average African towards whites, and how they keep blaming the past. You blame whites of being prejudiced and unwilling to open up, but let me tell you: the deep rooted racism in Africans is way deeper that the one in the average white. When an African comes to Western Europe, we do not spit on them or start throwing stones, but when a white arrives in Africa, the first thing you have to do is duck, because stones and spit will be flying about. So take a long good look in the mirror before you associate the word 'racist' with the word 'white'.

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    Racism can be defined by this formula R=P+P. Racism equals prejudice plus power. Without all three, no racism. Of course I (we) can identify it. Oppression is extremely visible. We can see it and feel it. Unlike "privilege" racism is not designed to be invisible. 
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    Racism is the act of one race (the white race) abusing and destroying other races to make itself seem larger than life, important or better using every kind of abusive behaviors and acts like financial abuse, mental abuse, emotional, systemic, sexual abuse, using the children, physical abuse, using  modern day slavery (coming in many  forms today. Basically using violence like might makes right when unable to con their way through.

    He who feels it knows it.....

    Can identify it all day long everyday of my life

    genocide by designed administered by the whites and their foot soldiers disguised as one of us......




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    Racism is the child and active ingedient to to Europeans ( classifing people of different colors, i.e. races. Even as scientists supposedly deny the existance of race, everyone from government (census) to our favorite sci-fi flix uses race as if it is real. The classification of people into races also includes other qualities, including intelligence, morality, beauty and so on, not by surprise Africans are given the lessor qualities and the inventors of "race" are deemed to have the desirable qualities.


    Carolus Linnaeus, (J. H. Scheffel, 1739)

    Carl Linnaeus (1707–1778), the physician, botanist, and zoologist, who established the taxonomic bases of binomial nomenclature for fauna and flora, was a pioneer researcher in biologically defining "human race". In Systema Naturae (1767), he established five human-race taxa: (i) the Americanus, (ii) the Asiaticus, (iii) the Africanus, (iv) the Europeanus, and (v) the Monstrosus, based upon geographic origin and skin color. Each race possessed innate physiognomic characteristics: the Americanus were red-skinned, of stubborn character, and angered easily; the Africanus were black-skinned, relaxed, and of negligent character; the Asiaticus race were yellow-skinned, avaricious, and easily distracted; whereas, unlike the character-imbalanced colored people, the Europeanus were white-skinned, of gentle character, inventive mind, and bellicose; and the Monstrosus were mythologic human sub-races.[7]

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