You're a Caucasoid...I'm going to let everyone online know about this site...(unsubscribe).

    From KWASI Akyeampong to Anut Tawi
    Sent yesterday

    For now the logic of your argument leaves me speechless, and, I am yet to be bowled over by the magnificence of your contribution. ~Kwasi

    From Anut Tawi to KWASI Akyeampong
    Sent yesterday

    Greetings Brother,

    With all due respect, I must humble ask this question. Why do you allow cave-dwellers (Caucasoids), to be member of this site?

    I'm presume the word, "black", in the title of this site refers to melanin, which "they" have the least. Caucasoid on this site add nothing of value to add, and nothing we share here pertains to them. All they add is mostly spam all they do is clog up the blogs.

    Personally, I'm most comfortable where the Caucasoids AREN'T, online when it comes to my net surfing.

    What is to be done about Caucasoid members of a site that is geared towards "our nation"?

    • Europe

      racist behaviour = rejecting communication; inferring suspicious agenda in the "other" race; rejecting comparisons;  exclusive interest in one's own race,nation or tribe; deciding on rules of communication or themes, religion etc.....

  • West

    Racism does not in itself exist as an element that is tangible, seeable or felt. Racism exists as diferences exist among various existence such as water and oil - cannot easily mix or just impossible- Racism{s existance has alway been and will always be ever present since its inherited through blood. Its illussiveness is that, even the racist is not aware of being racist. They just feel the difference subconsciusly and act upon the feeling to avoid intergrating another human who is not like them. Racism is in the DNA and cannot be extracted. We Africans are free of this vicious element and therefore, we are not motivated by this inheritance, rather by faith. All races in the world discriminate against people of africa but Africans have not, and do not discriminate any other race. We have always been accepting blind to this feeling of avoiding. Thats how we found ourselves being enslaved, murdered spiritually and physically and robbed and all manners of suffering at the hands of those who have this element in their DNA. Racism is just a cover but deeper, all people, except africans, are children of a different god from the God of Africans and this truth (among others) is what is hidden from us. To separate africans from the rest of the world will clear these ignorances but then someone will quickly point out that Im being racist. We are in a mess

    • Thank you your distinction.
      I get, from your thesis, that Africans are as capable of the behavior defined as racist.
      If this is so, when will Africans be called out for indulging in racist practices?

    • Europe

      Aggression at the Nationalist level was, is and will remain the result of colonialism. Have we just lost Irish sovreignty to the European Union?  This is worrying many people. Ireland was often described as England's backdoor which they would always guard. They have not left Ireland - despite the Peace Process and antigonism is keeping alive.   But this behaviour is sure to continue in every country that has been invaded. Just as in tribal times limits and borders were contrived to isolate one from another. People do not live essentially in "nationa" they live in regions and until the advent of motor vehicles hardly moved about atall.We are talking about something bigger than personal behaviour  addressing Nationalism. That needs group participation and racism could easily be the definition applied to that if aggressive.Perhaps racism is mostly a national problem everywhere. But racism at the personal level is what I considered in my first reply. However you have in America a racism that occurs at the personal level because of every twist and turn of oppression, when I visited America I was deeply shocked, horrified in fact.Ken Kesey gave a warehouse to a theatrical Mime Troup that I joined for a while and they were the only people I came across who were activists against the racism in America. For comic relief I will tell you that visiting some people I knew who had white workmen fencing their land I cooked a midday meal for all, and by including the workmen at the big round dining room table I was asked to leave the household afterwards by my friends. They could not endure sitting eating at the table with these innocent hardworking men!  I had cooked the normal brown soda bread also for that meal withwhich the Irish sustained life without much more than potatoes under English rule! However I am digressing and lookforward to reading your next reply.

    • Jocelyn, it is difficult for me to read more than two sentences. What is racism? Is not an idle rhetorical call question.
      I ask this question to create an opportunity to be open to confront and tell the truth about the possibility of racism practiced by Africans.

      We are cowardly perpetuators of racism when we fail to identify all racist behavior no matter who's the practitioner.
  • Europe

    Racism often in UK and Ireland seems to be Nationalist  labels without any consideration that all humankind shares what is called "human nature" defined by categories of need, survival. tribal, domestic and political behaviour or rivalry.  The wise amongst us meet others with trust which enables many of those barriers to be overcome.  Aggression among white people is regretably strong and long lasting. History, true or not and full of the reverberations of guilt frequently dictates the latter. In present times available jobs and economic advantage dictate racism very often. How we can all help one another to get over this seems only to be personal trust and to be aware that the "nature" of behaviour is shared by us all.

    • Jocelyn, what about "Agression" among black people?
      What do you call it when black people behave similar the "Nationalist" in UK and Ireland?

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