What is Justice?

There has always been a lot of talk about Justice and I am never clear what people are talking about when they talk about justice.

There's a lot demands and protests demanding justice and I am never clear what's been demanded in the name of justice.


So tell me what is justice.




I request real world answers.

No spiritual or esoteric hyperbolics.

In the here and now, what is justice?


What's justice to YOU, the person sitting in your pants?



Kwasi Akyeampong




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  • South

    what you sow you shall surely reap, what goes up must come down, karma

    Ma'at sits on the 4th limb of the Tree of Life, she is truth, love, balance, law, her husband Heru-Khuhuti sits on the 5th limb of the tree and protects her honor, he is Justice, when Ma'at is violated Heru-Khuhuti is dispatched to restore balance, the wrong-doer reaps what they have sown 7-fold. Two of those folds is given to the wronged to achieve in the courts and various arenas of the human family, Punitive damages and compensatory damages, but that is not the extent of Justice, depending on the extent of the violation and the condition of their heart when Heru-Khuhuti reaches them their very life and limbs may hang in the balance. Justice is the great equalizer, the re-balancer, the restorer of truth

  • Africa

    Justice is the basis line for  judgment between all being .......

  • hetep,

    the problem with justice when it comes to afrikans-n-amerikkka is that afrikan people have been defining justice by looking at the world through euro-amerikkkan eyes. they've been conditioned to not think for themselves, nor see their relationship with the oppressor through their own eyes. they've been prescribed notions of what justice is. and 99.99 percent of the time it rails on tokenism which will do just fine for the dominant group. there's never been a time when the slave was given justice by his oppressor, who, at the same time, has been the definer of it. therefore, the only person that grant any type of justice to the slave is the slave himself. and he has to be the only one who can determine what is justice for him. but the first thing that the slave must do is understand that he is a slave, which will negate his oppressor on all fronts. there will be nothing that the oppressor can do that will affect the slave's sought after justice.

    in turn, that will put them at total odds with one another which is simply a law of nature. and the more the slave begins to understand his plight, what his conditions are predicated on, the more he will become the seeker of justice as he knows and understands it.

    in the end, the slave will have developed the necessary and proper attitude that will shape his method for attaining justice, which will be dependent on understanding that his oppressor can never give him justice leaving the slave with no other alternative but to take it. and since the oppressor has only one aim in mind, either he or the slave will have to go because the two of them are now disagreeable with each other unless they part ways.


    that is the definition of justice. anything less is no more nor less than an act of cowardice served up under many and various types of disguises such as civil rights legislation, rock the vote and even reformism. justice is not an act of any civil code. it is a move for human rights and self-determination. and there ain't a human on this planet that can prove otherwise.



    • I do not know what justice is.

      I am not interested in "the problem with justice".

      I simply what to know what justice is.

      This is not a question about what "we" or "they" do or don't do.

      I am speaking directly to you.

      What is justice?

      What is justice to you.


      What's justice to YOU, the person sitting in your pants?




    • Chicago-Midwest

      Justice is a level playing field in all areas of society, where the rights of the minority are protected by the majority and the laws are applied equally for all and fair compensation is awarded for present and past wrongs to satisfied or financially compensate the individuals, families or groups harmed.  

  • Chicago-Midwest

    Justice is getting a fair share of your rights. Not to be violated; harassed; or fined. Getting my share of my rights...as a law-abiding citizen and a human being.

  • South

    Justice is a condition that permits and enables access to the legal system, free from impediments imposed by others, to delimit your access thereto and to proscribe your entitlement to due process therein.

  • as we make the demand for justice at the National Justice Conference April 2-4, 2012 in jackson mississippi, here are some issues we will like at to bring us closse to a just society.

    The societal issues we will address at the National Justice Conference centers around the need for fixing the usa "criminal justice" system based on humanity and destroying the New JimCrow as a humane gesture as justice. If the old JimCrow is dead as america proclaimed with the Civil Right Act of 1964, after issuing the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the Brown vs the Board of Education decision of 1954, the New JimCrow should be vulnerable to the theories of the civil rights movement and apply of the civil rights laws.
        The practical experience in problem-solving that students could get include developing:
    1.     Balances for the Inequalities of the u.s.a. "Justice System" towards New Afrikans;
    2.     Workable Strategies to Resist the Prison Industrial Complex;
    3.     Workable Reform Strategies for the Prison Industrial Complex;
    4.     Viable Strategies for Community-level Engagement - Movement to Free Political Prisoner;
    5.     Community Education for Correcting Judicial Errors;
    6.     Education - Proper Protocol for Handling police Stops;
    7.     Education - Proper Protocol for Handling Judicial System Engagement
    8.     Community-level Organizing for Crime Prevention and Judicial Justice For All

    • The question is, "What is justice?"

      A simple and appropriate answer would begin: "Justice is..." or even "I don't know what justice is"

      What you have written does not answer the the question for one who does not know what justince is.

      So what is justice?

      What's justice to YOU, the person sitting in your pants?

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