Racism like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it is kept alive in language by evidence and agreements.


I do not ask you to believe this statement.

Do not believe it.

I do not ask you to accept this statement.

Do not accept.


I do ask you to speculate, what would or could life be like for YOU if you live as if

"Racism like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and it is kept alive in language by evidence and agreements".




~~Kwasi Akyeampong

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  • NYMetro

    Racism is never beautiful.. It is always ugly... We will always be afflicted by this sickness because in our time there will never be true dialogue on race issues... This is why I don't favor the term "Politically Incorrect". I would prefer for a man to face me as a man and let his true feelings about me be known...

    • Who says what beauty is? Who says what racism is? Who says what ugly is. YOU. You. And You.

      You are powerful beyond imagining. Racism is alive because we keep it alive in our speaking.

  • West

    Racism is not a decision made by choice... rather, conscious choice... Racism is part of the genome make up or part of DNA where the racist has inherited such an attribute.  Therefore, even in the rare occasions that its taught, that does not account for its existence because it already exists from from creation and it will always exist through eternity for one simple reason: Black people are different from all races not because of color, rather, different because of origin and I'm not talking about Africa. our ORIGIN AS AFRICANS, comes from the first descendant who discovered, designed life and form as we know it... Our great ancestor whom we sometimes have coined as God. Well, the blood that flows in our veins is his own. 


    But then there was God's enemy who wished to create his own people after our image and design and he extracted the science of creation. He created the other races and these races have always hated us Africans from time remembered. They pretend to be one with us, but deeply, even they do not understand why they hate us. Some of them don't even know but its in their blood be they Europeans, Mexicans, Chinese, Arabs: they are children of the Great Serpent and they all hate us deeply. The treatment of Blacks in Libya of most recent is no different from slavery in the US or poverty in Brazil and wars in Africa and violence in black communities the streets of the world or the manifestation of this video:https://theblacklistpub.ning.com/video/video/show?id=2055350%3AVideo.... They are like "their Father the great serpent... he was a liar (hater of all that is good)from the beginning....In as much, we Africans are like our father... we have always loved despite what wrongs have been accumulated on us...always forgiving.... I have much to speak from experience and learning on this subject but to what avail? 

    You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. We do not know the truth since all education we have is by these demons. The food we eat is designed by these demons and all that we do now is obey there laws, try to agree with them in order to survive and sacrifice ourselves for their causes. We have completely forgotten the greater part of who we are against them and they have completely killed our will to fight back. Seeds of these truths are planted among us. Our ancestors is waiting to germinate them within us. 


    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" is absolutely deceiving statement.


    • Rock is hard. Water is wet. Fire is hot. Ice is cold. And, there is no is with regards to the way human BEINGS BE.

      Being a racist as way human BEINGS BE is only a way of being - away of being human.

      Ways of being are distinctivly human, only human beings can Be and any human is able to adopt any way of and be identified by that way of being.

      As humans BEINGS we are not limited to any way of being - that's what is to be a human being. We are able to be, even racist, any way we choose to be and any time we choose.

      No one is born a racist.

      There is no racism encoded or un-encode any human being's DNA or the genome of human beings. 

      No man is born inferior to any other human being.

      Inferiority is not encoded in any human being's DNA.

      No woman has ever given birth at a racist baby.

      Said Marcus Garvey, "Whatsoever man has done, man can do".

      Even being a racist.

      You may not like it but that's what it is to be human being a human being.


      The existence of racism is not unlike the existence of  beauty it is engrained in the culture of human beings and kept alive through language.

      When we change the way we look at things the way we look at things change and inform our language to bring into being a new realm of existence for human beings.


    • Europe

      Unfortunately, just as with the saying that goes: "Beauty is only skin deep", those who find real beauty in the souls of others may disagree with it. For loving a person with a beautiful soul makes you discover the rest of their beauty- even that of their skin and its colour, whatever shade it may be.  In otherwords, those who practise racism have ugly and blind souls and this cancels any beholding they may wish to claim.  Regards.

      Margaret, WIFE OF GOD.


    • Margaret, is it not you who is saying here and now what beauty is? Is it not you here and now defining the ugliness of racism? consider that beauty and ugliness does not exist in space and time and they do not have form - they only exist in our speaking and the more and more we speak as we speak the more the unreal take form. "Give a dog a bad name and sooner or later some one will chink rocks at him and bye and bye he's going to bite someone", the old proverb goes.

  • Caricom
    This is a tough one. I can't respond to this because I don't fully comprehend. I've lost energy on this one. Pass!
    • Yes, it is tough not at least humming along with with choir.

      But, when we all hum and go along with the already accepted and learnt behaviors and ways of being we hold the status quo in place.

      We go along to get along.

      We have a voice and each of our voice is as melodious as the other.

      To "PASS" is to endorse the status quo while continue with our complaint and hope for a lead singer, a star - messiah, to lead us with we stand around and cheer and....


    • DMV

      seems straight forward to me.  One should never shy away from the truth no matter what form the truth makes itself manifest.


      True word sound my brother.



    • Agnes, the opportunity here is to step out of and beyond what is already known, beyond the symbols and symbolism of the past - to be a contribution rather than being a share-cropper of the past.

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