What have you done for love lately?

What have you done for love lately?
(After a song similarly titled by Janet Jackson)

 It’s early in the morning, just before dawn
Did you get up and make breakfast, coffee or just yawn.
Late in the midnight hour, on the eve of dreams
Did you pray for you loved one that they may be blessed.
When the bills were all due and the money real slim
Did you forgo that special something just for you.

On the walk to the diner did you turn your eyes
From that other one that tried to catch your eye.
When the clothes were dirty, the dishes in the sink
Did you say “Honey, don’t bother, leave it all to me.”
At the end of the week, you’re tired and blue
Did you say “Let me make you supper, I know what to do.”

Did you look at their car, seeing the dirt
Did you take it then for a wash and a spin.
When you needed someone to talk to,
Someone to flirt with, and someone to smile to
Was it –the one you used to dream to.

Just now, before you sat down

Did you take out the trash,

hang up your clothes,
And put away the dishes –
before you were asked.

As the sun greets the morn
Will their name be on your lips.
As the moon greets the night
Will their love be your dream.
When this life is over
Has your love been a gift.

So, my darling what have I done for love lately?

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  • South
    everyday I give as much love as I can to those around me - because to give love means that you'll receive it.
    • That's lovely but all conceptual.
      What is like to give love?
      What is ACTION? What ACT is present obvious and evident when you give and receive love.

      To "give" is a verb that denote an action.

      What action to you take when you "give" or "receive" love?



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