• One could name a lot of disappointments.  The major one is that there is little or no improvement in the lives of millions of Americans - the poorest people, the homeless, the unemployed.  The banks ruined the economy and were allowed to get away with it with impunity. 

    Having said that, I had low expectations, so I didn't experience too much disappointment. 

    When we see how scared the Republicans are of Obama - how they ceaselessly attack and vilify him - we can get a sense of what a threat he really is to them. 

  • NYMetro

    None. I see President Obama as a man that does not rush to judgement to later seek a fixer at the people's expense. He is cautious. I love a man who can pause and so hears and listens to himself. I think President Obama became the president at the due season and who ever downrates him downrates self. It is America in her right season and I know that America has more to gain with President Barack H. Obama as her President.

  • Chicago-Midwest


    Are Black Folks better off now, after re-electing President Obama?

    President Obama lacks the moral courage to stand up to corporations and provide justice for Americans who can't afford to “Pay To Play”.  He is an excellent politicians who has mastered the art of political games and he gives great speeches. However, when you examine the list of problems that he campaigned to solve and review what he actually did, you will come to the conclusion that he might turn out to be even worst than George W. Bush.  At least Bush was not so bright and never really pretended to be anything else. Obama played on people real need for “Hope and Change”.

    Prime Examples: See HBO Weekly Documentary Program VICE: This week they show how the US Coast Guard help BP spay a poison to break up oil that is now sickening and killing people in the gulf states. President Obama is ignoring their elected representative request for help, which his is good at doing. VICE also show why Some Yemen Freedom Fighters hate Americans: American is supplying the cluster bombs that are killing them. The leftover material clearly has "Made In USA" stamped on them.  Additionally, NSA Spying on American Citizens: Watch PBS "Frontline Documentary on Secrets": President Obama is a constitutional lawyer and promised to end those programs if elected, but after being elected chose to continued and increased their usage to spy on American Citizens.  Don't forget the $780 Billion Dollars is Stimulus funding given to friends like Solyndar Solar Founders who contributed to his election campaigned and in return received $535 Million Dollars to make solar panels. They filed bankruptcy one year later. 

    Even though Obama Care is now working, his administration paid one company over $400 Million Dollars to create a failed website that a group of computer science students could have created for less than 5 million dollars.  

    Black African American Students as a collective group are still failing and his administration has done nothing to close school achievement gap.  

    I respect the President and person, but differ with the results of his leadership and his lack of moral courage to do what is right, just and fair for the American People. Under his leadership, the rich continued to get richer and the poor have gotten poorer. That is not a legacy he wants to be remembered by, but if he doesn't find some courage soon, it will be his reality. Are Black Folks better off now after having elected and re-electing President Barack Obama?  I think not!

    The one thing that I would ask of him on behalf of Black African Americans is this. That he create an Executive Order, removing all counterintelligence programs design in the 1960s by the FBI to destabilize, disrupt, suppress and assassinate Black African Americans Leaders who have the courage to advocate for and lead our people.  It should include a pardon for all political prisoners falsely convicted and be paid reparations for their incarceration, pain and suffering.  This I know he lacks the courage to do. He is not alone. Other Weak Black Politicians, Preachers and Civil Rights Leaders also lack the courage to demand that this be done on behalf of Black African Americans.  If left alone, we have to ability to come together to solve our own problems.

    Charles E. Campbell, Founder & CEO

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    • You make some excellent points.  I would add, he promised to close Guantanamo Bay, but it's still open and people are still being detained there without charge for extended periods of time. 

    • NYMetro

      Here we go again making demands on others. Why cannot we see issues and find solutions on our own. I see even men asking the President to do something for their children. Why men cannot take care of women and children these days. They did it in times of old!

  • DMV

    My major issue with President Obama is that while he received overwhelming support from Afrikan-Americans, without question, and in both terms, he has done absolutely nothing for our people. Quick, can you name one piece of legislation presented to Congress that he has (1) either supported or (2) presented himself that is specifically geared towards alleviating any of the myriad of problems facing Black America, just one? He hasn't addressed poverty, Police Brutality, Violations of Civil Liberties, Employment, Housing, Unequal sentencing in drug crimes (Powder Cocaine v. Crack Cocaine), etc. He has done nothing but make Black 'feel good' for having the 'first Black President'. Now, I'm not saying he can solve everything that ails Black America, but he should have and could have done something to remove just one of these issues. But he's done absolutely nothing, nothing at all. And from the looks of it, has no plans to do so either.

    • I wasn't really expecting him to do anything for African Americans.  See my response below. 

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