• I give thanks and choose to be happy.
    I am thankful for the circumstances of my life and for my experience of being alive -
    I am thankful for these opportunities to be the master of my circumstances.

    Yes, I am not my circumstances.
    Who I am is the fulfillment of a new future, NOW.

    Thank you all for being here and out there keeping on keeping making a difference - of this I am truly thankful.

  • NYMetro
    I am thankful for the fact that I woke up this morning, clothed and in my right mind. I am also thankful that I am connected, connected to a long line of people who have fought and are yet to receive that which they fought for, the slaves, the maroons, the nationalist, the pan Africanist. I am thankful to say if only we would believe and therefore accept that which was fought for and won. Merkhutu and Kiafrakan. We might see the revelation that was obliterated. Nefertari.
  • West
    Beloved Precious Sis Star Hadassah:

    Divine Loving greetings to you.

    It is like sunshine in my mind to read your words, and I remain humble.

    It is like sunshine in my mind to witness others who SEE the Divine Truth/Reality when they Look.

    Divine Respect


    Gracious Mama África

    Gracious Mama Africa
    Gracious Mama
    Gracious Mama Africa
    Gracious Mama

    If is clear to we, the love that she perform ____
    Ina far land from the homeland we feel
    Providing man it's soul life
    Even though Babylon try to conquer I by
    Taking us away from the homeland
    Down to Sodom and Gomorrah ina the quicksand
    Many tricks and propaganda make you wonder
    Take risk fi find out what is really under
    Deh must question, nah fe ask 'bout where we come from
    And we will go back to where we belong
    Will we go back to where we belong

    Gracious Mama Africa
    Gracious Mama
    Gracious Mama Africa
    Gracious Mama

    What is an african-american,
    Cause if you a black, you're African and then done
    Amerigo Vespucci, I ___ he done
    And that’s where the name America come from
    he ones responsibles for the death of out that Indians and
    Africans, they raped our continent
    Out this contest is a contest
    Trading the greatest,
    Must valuable treasure, the human tool
    And you disrespect, you make all I soul
    And so you bring a judgment pon owna soul
    And we longing to go back home

    Gracious Mama Africa
    Gracious Mama
    Gracious Mama Africa
    Gracious Mama

    They called up this a land of opportunity
    But opportunity fe who you are we
    Without a majority of minority what could you be
    You only need us here to do your laboring
    In the sun toiling
    How great could a blood city be
    When you did not earn your greatness fairly
    You thieve all your signs and symbols from Egypt
    Kemet, Abyssinia, India or Tibet
    Still we can forget

    Gracious Mama Africa
    Gracious Mama
    Gracious Mama Africa
    Gracious Mama

  • A word of thanks

    Rodney D. Coates*

    One of the most endearing qualities of aging is that over time we may actually grow in both wisdom and virtue. It is one of truly miraculous aspects of our existence that we gain so much from so many that happen to cross our paths. Think about it, every day in so many ways we get to discover, enjoy, and experience the universe in totally unique ways. And just in case we missed any of this wonder on a given day, why we get to do it all again the next, and the next, and yes the next. So it is with deep appreciation that we enter into this season of thanks. Now I know that many will say –but look around you. Don’t you see the never ending cycles of poverty and pain, war and famine, disease and death, violence and crime that so fill our daily lives? How can there be thanks with so many suffering, so many hungry, and so many living without hope on the edges of despair, destitution, and destruction? My response, culled from the lips of my elderly grandmother when I was but a child – I am thankful that I woke this morning, clothed and in my right mind.

    As a child, when first hearing this phrase – repeated among that generation of elders –more times than not left me clueless. It has only been through a lifetime of both disappointments and triumphs, failed attempts and miss-starts –have I come to appreciate the wisdom found in those short, sweet words. Such wisdom - that can only come through a period of real difficulties, coming to grips with real failure, and learning to cope with real disappointment –takes time to mature. And so, as I read the headlines of another shooting in Over the Rhine, another suicide in West Chester, another robbery in Forest Park, and yet another useless death in Lincoln Heights – I recall my grandmother’s wisdom. As I contemplate the seemingly senseless death of another soldier in Afghanistan, another set of civilians killed by drones in Iraq, the apparent endless cycles of hatred that fills the middle east, conflict, violence, and famine which continuously racks Africa, Pakistan, the continual poverty, pain and suffering that racks Haiti, and the solemn resignation that many have given up any chances for peace in our times –again, I have learned to appreciate the simple wisdom caught up in her words.

    You see unless you have woken up naked and crazy or naked, next to crazy –you really do not understand how such simple pleasures are to be found. Having been both homeless and jobless, living out of a car or even without a car –I have learned that it is truly the simple pleasures that at the core of what we call joy. Yes, I have learned to be thankful. Therefore, as this season of thanks draws neigh, I would be remiss if I did not recall the many reasons why I am so thankful. Thankful that we have not destroyed this precious earth that we all hold so dear. Thankful that each day we do have another day to just get it right. Thankful that we do live in a time and era when famine and disease, poverty and war, ignorance and foolishness can be avoided. Thankful that we are no longer trapped in the prisons of racism and sexism, ethnocentrisms and religious hypocrisy. Thankful that we can make the mistakes of yesterday right, that we can live out our destinies, and that we can make today and all of our tomorrows brighter, better, and beautiful. And yes, thanks to my grandmother –we can have a word of thanks that we have woken, this morning, clothed and in our right minds.

    *Note: Rodney D. Coates is a professor of sociology and gerontology at Miami University. He can be reached at

  • Europe
    There is nothing in America for any of us (descendants of the African slaves) to be thankful for unless we are braindead. Really, we all should leave from there, and then be thankful. As long as we (descendants of the African slaves) remain on American soil, we are documented/registered SLAVES. How? the U.S. Government only transferred us, the slaves descendants ownership from the slave plantation to the U.S. Congress. So, I am thankful to know that, plus to know its illegal for the slave descendants to pay taxes.

    And we should go elsewhere and give the land back to the REAL AMERICANS aka Native-Americans aka Indigenous People. And give back the 7 states that were taken from Mexico. Yes, please demand REPARATIONS NOW, since we are really SLAVES and not U.S. Citizens. Note: And don't be blinded into believing Pres. Obama is the 1st Black President. Yes, he is the 1st Black President of the 21st Century. Yet, Obama is the 8th Black U.S. President and also against reparations just, like his cousins (Pres. Clinton, Pres. Bush etc.). That should wake us up by now.
  • West
    Beloved One.

    I am thankful for knowing I am not in a position to be thankful.

    We must become honest with ourselves to know that our present living conditions is in an oppressive state, and for that I am thankful to know, that I am not to be thankful for that, for such a condition.

    We are in a condition that is less from being free, and I am thankful to know that Divine Truth.

    • Europe
      You are right-on sister. Keep up the good work.
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