What are you for?

Eventually we become whoever and whatever we are against.

Or, say it differently, whatever or whoever we are against won't ever go away.

Whatever you are for will persist.

So what are you for?


~Kwasi Akyeampong

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  • Chicago-Midwest
    I am for peace. The United States has been engaged in war most of my lifetime. I would like to encourage nations to and people to talk first before coming to blows or shots being fired.
  • West

    1.  Divine Truth/Reality.

    2.  Harmony, Order and Balance



    • NYMetro
      Divine truth, harmony, order and balance are what we need and for Merkhutu to bring committment, stability and permanence in the world. As for reparation Merkhutu and Kiafrakan will do.
  • NYMetro
    As someone who believe in egalitarianism and that a life is a life. My opinion is that we as a people can forget being against anyone we can just accept the positive and know that every life has a purpose and so it is for us to find the significance of each and everyone purpose so that that purpose can be achieved. I see where some are clamouring for a multi-racial identity. But before we became multi-racial there must have been a single racial group from which we originated from. Therefore it behoves us to be one first and then to recognize the other. Therefore, let all the people come forth united we stand divided we fall, single race, bi-racial, multi-racial, denominational and non denominacial or any other ethnic category we are all one.
    • I am amazed. Sorry I am not. That no one out there seems to know the pronoun I.

      It seems that the "we" are interested in saving everyone while lacking the means to be in touch with our own basic reality.

      Remember I is the first person in we.

      We will not be anywhere where I has not been.

      So let's begin with you, that is, the I sitting in your seat.



    • NYMetro
      I am fifty nine years old. Twenty nine years of which was spent in Jamaica, the other thirty spent within the USA. I started my journey very early in life. To be specific at five years old. My journey has been one of do not believe. I do not have to project the I that I already know. My purpose is to have the good life in abundance not only for myself, but for all those who believe. I have reached great heights, but I am sorry that those who I most would like to be with me are not. So most likely if I do not project myself as a black female from humble heritage and upbringing, no one needs to say,"She is black and female, hence I do not believe she has the means."
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