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    The most important thing is to continually empower myself to be more responsible, to better able to serve my community, and to promote organizational effectiveness. Getting our center strong is the key. We can't help anyone if there is not synergy between ore core values and behavior, and we must always be learning how to make ourselves more effective in all our endeavors.

    • What actions are you engaged in to "empower" yourself?

    • South

      I have written a book entitled "Broken Spirits: Fragments of the Psyche That Slavery Left Behind".  It is with AuthorHouse Publishers and it trails the Black experience from the Garden of Eden to the present day as to why our brokenness, as Black people, is so much more severe and seemingly incurable than that of any other peoples.  I would love to see this book made into a hollywood movie.  I truly believe it would answer a lot of questions for a lot of people as to why our condition in this world--especially in this country--is so unique and so 'broken'.

    • Hadassadajah, thanks for participating in this conversation.

      However, are you in the business of promoting and really share your book and yourself and your ideas with the world?

      You have been on this site for two year and you have yet to share and promote your book here.

      Is it not clear by now that we - TheBlackList, is not here for mere talk and talk and talk.
      Come on, network, make friends, share and promote the things that are important to you.

      Let's go!

      Hollywood won't find you if you don't exist.
      Step into the light.
      Promote yourself!

  • I am currently writing a book which is a sequel to my first book, "Boycott Money and Save Your Soul - Launching the Goodwill Revolution". The title of my new book is "Leave the Rat Race to the Rats - The Ghetto Goodwill Revolution". This book describes how to transform the wretched black ghetto into the envy of the world by means of the Goodwill Revolution.

    • Michael, thanks for sharing your vision with us.
      And, remember to help me help you get the word out about your book.

      I see your book as not just a book but the source spring of a movement.

      Thanks for being out there,


  • NYMetro
    I am a writer and educator and what I am doing to make a difference in the world is to give back to people of African descent their language, identity, culture, history and geography through the Kiafrakan language and its institutions founded to guide, educate and protect our people from illiteracy, disconnection, homelessness and poverty. My ministry is known as the Kiafrakan Ministry and it is practiced in the Royal Wafrakan University and the Royal Wafrakan Neter Het as well as on the websites, and You may assist in becoming a hearer and doer of the word and rise to a consciousness in the spirit. Nefertari A. Ahmose.
  • South
    I am a mentor to children of incarcerated immigrants, a conflict mediator for immigrant families, a multilingual translator at deportation hearings, a fundraiser for local college scholarships and disaster relief, and a promoter of academic Garvey celebrations... Nia
  • hetep,

    currently, i am in the business of writing a book on the evolution of religion, using ancient kemet as the mouthpiece for the afrikan origin of religion. the book is part of what i have been doing for quite some time-politicizing the brothas and sistars of nawlins in two ways-appearing on local talk shows and face to face. as far as assisting me, don't know just yet. maybe in the near future i can get some promotions for my upcoming book.

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