I have been hard on you all, the past two weeks, requesting that you look where you are still daring to look; inside, at yourselves as the source of all you see and perceive.

Yes, it is easier to see the pebbles in the eyes of others than the boulder that is in our own eyes.


This week's question is easy.


What do you see is the difference between an IED (Improvised Explosive Device), a drone, a suicide or a missile strike? 


What do you see is the difference between one who plants an IED, one controls a drone, a suicide bomber and one who orders a missile strike?




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  • Chicago-Midwest
    Suicide bombing is terrible and indiscriminate. Those who resort to suicide bombing have given up on politics as a means of gaining favor from the public. Similarly the person who plants an IED has intention to create terror and wound or kill as many as possible. They may be friend or foe, the bomber does not care. He wants people to stop using the road that has been bombed. Drone attacks and missile strikes are higher order weapons of war.But equating their use with the suicide bomber creates a false equation. Without the threat posed by suicide bombers, there would be no reason to use the drone. Ultimately the need is for all parties to go  back to the table and talk. Even those who use the drones have developed a fear of talking but only talking will create and preserve the peace.
  • Europe

    The violence of the oppressed cannot be equated with the violence of the oppressor.

    In the case of the oppressor their violence is aimed at maintaining oppression, while

    the oppressed aims to end oppression. They have to be weighed by a different measure...

    • NYMetro
      There is no difference, They are all Killers of Human Beings.  Analyze what?  See what is right in front of you.  If I hand you the knife to stab your Brother with, I am a Willing Participant in the taking of another Human Being's Lifeforce.  This is the "Paralysis of Analysis". 
    • Thank you, Phoenix. Thanks for being in touch with what's real.
    • NYMetro
      The question is "what is the difference between..........?  I'm simply stating what the difference is.  I made no attempt to analyze, I simply answered the question.
  • NYMetro
    The size of the army backing them up is the difference.  They are all Psychopaths.
    • Mathew, if were easy, I would not ask.

      I assume that you have handle alot of difficult situations and answered difficult question before.

      The future of mankind may depend on you answering these questions.

      Be brave. You have an opinion. Spit it out.

      Be brave!


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