Recall to PURPOSE. What is your pupose?

What is your purpose?

There is still time before the week ends to share your purpose - to share what calls you forth - what propels you into action - that which you say shall and must be.

What is your purpose?

Your purpose and the vision it paints when spoke and shared and inspires others no longer require your presence or continued existence to be realized and fulfilled.  It lives on after you.

Your purpose and the vision it could create when not spoken and shared and kept like a flame under a basket, soon flicker like a pipe dream and dies. It would never be fulfilled anyway.

What is your purpose?

When I share my purpose and vision, it does not diminish who I am - like a flame does not become smaller or lessened or diminished when shared. It expands and grows endlessly.

Your purpose is not yours to keep.
It is your gift to be fulfilled for yours and for all in common or else it withers and dies like a dream deferred.

What is your purpose?


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  • To promote the increased learning of Black History and Black Culture in an edu-taining way and increase economic growth in the Black Community through the practice of Ujamaa (communal black business development) through unique marketing strategies targeted at the black community. The main strategy will be the implementation of the underlined meaning of the Seven Life Principles of the Nguzo Saba {the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa} into the everyday life style of the Afrikan community.

    All of this should lead our people to self governance, as outlined by Kwame Nkrumah - “It is far better to be free to govern or misgovern yourself than to be governed by anybody else”. Eventually, (all) Afrikan People will then embrace the New Afrikan Creed as our cultural and societial creed in our own nation.

    I simply pray to be a tool in the formation of the New Afrikan Nation.
    • Thanks for being steadfast and unstoppable in fulfilling your purpose.
      Thanks for your contribution to life and the experience of being alive.

  • West
    My (primary) purpose has been, for over forty years, to attempt to communicate to as many people as possible what appears to me to be the many benefits which will result from humanity adopting some form of locally appropriate Socioeconomic Democracy. Plain and Simple.
    • Thanks for being one who is first true to himself and listens and responds to what call him.

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