• Georgia

    There are many who would deny the existence of racism because they fear if they recognize it they will have to put forth some type of effort to impact it.  It may be risky; it may be uncomfortable; it may be costly, so it is better not to take the chance therefore I deny it's existence.  However, when it visits me and mine I want everyone to take action for my benefit, because I am being unfairly treated!  A coward dies many deaths.

    Truthfully, I believe that racism is natural.  This is why people live in more or less homogenous settings, gather together in lunch rooms and party together.  The problem is descrimintion.  I won't let you enjoy the fruits of the labors of all man kind because me and mine are the current caretakers and you are not one of us.  All of these things were not invented by one group of people.  They were discovered; the same as when the whites discovered the Native Americans Lands and then wanted to deny him access to it.  this is where the problem is, not because the whites wanted to live together or the Indians wanted to live together.

  • Racism is a mind virus, created to keep those confused about their true identity in conflict so they will spend all their energy on victumhood, rather than realize all people who play the game of_racism_ regardless of which position, are being distracted from the real condition ALL people of whatever ethnic identity are living in a false reality. You have no government, you have no president, you have no property, you have no money, you have no have a corporation posing as a gov, you have a CEO of US INC posing as your president, you own nothing because ALL property is held by the STATE, ie The State of New Columbia otherwise known as D.C. a private foreign municpal corporation chartered in 1871 and organized as a religous organization registered in Delaware, who has a private military that has been occupying what was once known as the united States of America, since the reconstruction era in 1868.

    RACISM is a shell game that none can afford at this time under the present draconian actions and murderous behaviour of the fraudulent corporate foreign occupiers.  SEASON OF TREASON 11 AMERICAS CANCER



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