How will you spend January 20th, The Inauguration of Barack Obama? Will you be at the Inauguration? Will you be at one of the Inauguration Ball? Will you watch the Inauguration of TV with your friends and family? Will you watch the Inauguration and a House Party? Will you tape it and watch it later? How will you spend January 20th, The Inauguration of Barack Obama? Will you be celebrating?

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  • Africa

    I will spend the day organising Village-hall talks in my Community of how not to envy the Americans on what Pat Utomi has dubbed the 'Obama Moment', but how we all can be our own individual Obamas and bring about a change,real positive change in Nigeria and Africa.Now is the time.Lets all sieze it.
  • hetep,

    i'm gonna spend january twentieth like the rest of the days of the year, in an afrikan state of mind, which is totally juxtapose from an amerikkkan frame of mind. i ain't trippin off the obama phenomenon, which has the majority of black people in the united snakes in almost the perfect daze, no different than someone who is comatose in a hospital. like i've stated before, until so-called black leadership can be removed from the face of afrikans-n-amerikkka, afrikan people will continue to be the slaves of white supremacy. the final solution for the unifying factor that so-called black leadership has been callling for must be akin to the mau mau philosophy, not some illusion that has a black face that's well-trained in the art of manipulation and mind control for the powers-that-be.

    • South
      I shall be attending all official events related to efforts at Black upliftment. These include the Peace Ball with Harry Belafonte and Alice Walker, the Africare party, and the National Council of Negro Women event, not to mention the Caribbean community gatherings. My commitment to the principles of Kwanzaa forces me to seek allies wherever I can find them to galvanize our PanAfrican community on as many levels as possible to "accomplish what [we] will", as mandated by the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Malcolm X, and M L King2 among others.
      One Love...
  • Caricom
    Blessings Royal Afrikan Family

    I will be in the tabernacle at Pinnacle chanting and dancing this one down, kette drums full blast.

    Just higher ites Nyahbinghi fyahhhh for Afrikan redemption

    Of course the fyahhhhh key will be lit keeping the astral realms red hot.

    "Keep it "LIT"
    "Love and "Light"
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